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1 Nov 01, 2010 15:48    

My b2evolution Version: 3.3.3

Where can I change the the Free HTML widget's CSS style. No matter what I do on the Theme's CSS the widget cripples my content if it exceeds 250px width.

2 Nov 01, 2010 16:00

250px is probably the width of the css container that the widget is a part of. You may need to change the container width.

You can also give the widget its own CSS Class (in the widget properties), and then style it any way you see fit.

3 Nov 01, 2010 16:27

I changed the container's width to 270 but still the content gets truncated so I guess it has to do with the Widget's CSS which I don't know where it is.
Your idea of creating a new set of CSS properties is good but I'd like to check the Widget's original CSS before.

4 Nov 01, 2010 16:47

Start with the basic.css and the blog_base.css files in the 'rsc/css' folder, but I wouldn't change those if I were you. You can over-ride those basic settings with the template's css file instead.

If you don't give the widget it's own class name in the widget properties, the FreeHtml widget has a class name of "widget_core_free_html"

Widgets are almost always represented as <ul>, <li> items within their sidebar containers. Style those and you're styling widgets.

5 Nov 01, 2010 16:51

OK, thanks for your help!

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