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1 Dec 07, 2011 09:19    

I think that all posts by mrtom231, for example, in

  • [url=][/url]

  • [url=][/url]

  • [/list:u]
    with text posts like:

  • "I certainly enjoyed the way you explore your experience and knowledge of the subject! Keep up on it. Thanks for sharing the info"

  • "I am happy to find many good details here in the post, writing is just fantastic.Wonderful post!"[/list:u]

  • are spam posts

    If you google by them, you find millions of results.

    I would not mind if they were just that short phrases but

  • after that they insert a few a hundred of blank lines making the reading uncomfortable

  • [*][url=]I am being blocked from posting my own phrases (without links/URLs)[/url] but the phrases present in millions of dupes on the internet are not![/list:u]

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