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[fixed] 4.1.3 Fatal error: Using $this when not in object

Started by on Mar 08, 2012 – Contents updated: Mar 08, 2012

Mar 08, 2012 18:23    

Fixed in v4.1.4


I get this message when trying to upgrade:

Fatal error: Using $this when not in object context in /www/htdocs/***/indonesien/inc/sessions/model/_hit.class.php on line 1201

PHP Version: 5.3.10-nmm1
MySQL Version 5.1
Apache 2

I don't know the b2evolution version anymore (about 3 years ago). I replaced all old files except media folder and the _basic_config.php.

Upgrade version: 4.1.3

Additional data:

Upgrading b2evolution...

Checking files...

Preparing to install .htaccess ... Already installed.

Upgrading data in existing b2evolution database...

Loading module: _core/model/__core.install.php
Loading module: collections/model/_collections.install.php
Loading module: files/model/_files.install.php
Loading module: sessions/model/_sessions.install.php
Loading module: messaging/model/_messaging.install.php
Loading module: maintenance/model/_maintenance.install.php
Checking DB schema version... 9800 : OK.
Updating keyphrases in hitlog table...
Fatal error: Using $this when not in object context in /www/htdocs/***/indonesien/inc/sessions/model/_hit.class.php on line 1201

Any ideas?

Mar 09, 2012 20:20

What's on line 1201 of the _hit.class.php file?

Mar 10, 2012 17:13

Edit the /install/_functions_evoupgrade.php lines 2162 and 2172


load_class'sessions/model/_hit.class.php''Hit' );
$Hit = new Hit();

And later


$params $Hit->extract_params_from_referer$row->hit_referer );

Mar 10, 2012 17:14

It's a bug. Fixed in v4.1.4

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