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1 Sep 19, 2004 07:28    

Okay, I now see my problem. Does anyone know how to keep pictures from showing up under the linkblog?

Here is my page:

I want to prevent the picture from showing up on the sidebar on the homepage. It shows up with 2 different pictures. Anyone know how to do this?

2 Sep 19, 2004 07:41

It looks like your have your blog also listed as your linkblog. You can disable that in the backoffice or switch to a different blog to show up in your sidebar.

Sorry to hear about your car. :(

P.S. That must have also been the earlier problem you were having, I just didn't think of it til last night.

4 Sep 20, 2004 01:21

So what seems to be the problem? That is an empty blog (#5, your linkblog I presume) using the 'basic' skin. It tells me blog 5 has 'include in public blog list' unchecked and 'include public blog list' checked, and that you haven't posted anything to it yet.

It looks like on MedDiaries you have you have MedDiaries selected as your linkblog. That means every post from every blog shows up in both the main body and the linkblog portion. On the Brandon blog you have no linkblog selected, which is why there isn't a Linkblog section showing at all. On PreMed you have an empty blog selected as the linkblog. Could be Med or blog5, and on Med you have no linkblog selected.

Here's the deal with linkblogs: you can select any blog to be a linkblog for any other blog, but the general idea is that you pick a blog where you post links to other webs. So lets say you select blog 5 as your linkblog on blogs 1 through 4. It's an empty blog so you get an empty section on the side of every page. All your posts in all your blogs will still show up on MedDiaries because that's what blog #1 does - it aggregates all posts. Now you come across a site you want to share with the world. Maybe it's a friend's blog or something hooking you up with good info for your studies. Cool - you make a post about that site in blog 5. Give it a title, put the URL for the cool site in 'link to url', and write a little bit about it if you want. Post it and it will show up on your sidebar on all your pages.

Nothing wrong with internally linking via the linkblog, just as long as you understand why a post shows up where it shows up. Anyway to get back to your current issue: there is nothing wrong with what you linked. It's an empty blog using the basic skin. You can also set the default skin for each blog, and turn off skin switching if you like. It's all done in the back office on the blogs tab by clicking each blog and setting your options the way you want them then saving.

Hope it helps a bit!

5 Sep 20, 2004 02:45

Okay, the problem is now fixed. Sometimes, I'm a little slow. Thanks for explaining it. This is an excellent forum.

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