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Find "Invalid URL"?

Started by on Mar 02, 2005 – Contents updated: Mar 02, 2005

Mar 02, 2005 21:28    

I've been working lately to find an audio and video embedding solution that is XHTML-valid, streams, *inexpensive* and compatible with b2evo.

I have them. Yay! :D

The necessary <object> tags and attributes have been added to the formatting.php file, so that they pass through the HTML-checker, like wax thru a colon. (Sorry about that graphic :roll: )

The trouble with BOTH, is that I get an "Invalid" URL statement, when the HTML-checker is turned on. (I know that I can turn it off. And that's what I've been doing.)

So, one evening, I edited the formatting.php file, trying EVERY variation of the offending string I could think of, yet was UNSUCCESSFUL in adding *whatever* URL string that is backing up the b2evo digestive tract, via the HTML-checking colon.

Here's the code from the audio solution (it's more straight-forward). Can anyone suggest HOW I find out what I need to add to the formatting.php file so this acts like WAX too, slipping by the checker?

<div class="audio">
<object class="audioButton" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" data="pics/audioButton.swf?mp3file="><param name="movie" value="pics/audioButton.swf?mp3file="></param>
    <param name="bgcolor" value="#f1f1f1"></param>

Thanks, in advance, for helping me solve this (ahem) head-scratcher.

Mar 26, 2005 14:53

I continue to find the $allowed_uri_scheme obfuscating.

Technical documentation doesn't provide any real information.

Because "http" by itself isn't used (rather "http://"), I continue to wonder if it is possible to modify the $allowed_uri_scheme in a meaningful way.

Bumping this to bring it to the fore.

Mar 26, 2005 15:01

Ive tried and tried and can't get Flash to validate in posts with B2.
I'll just use a pop up from a post or else simply use the side bar or a static xhtml page....

Mar 26, 2005 15:13


You mean W3C XHTML validation? -or- B2evo URL validation?

I can get the XHTML strict validation: [url=]see FLASH video post[/url] (view source should show you the code I use)

I just can't get b2evo to "like" the URL, which means in order to post, I have to turn OFF the HTML-checker ... save my post ... turn the HTML-checker back on (a pain).

All I need to do is find out (1) WHAT exactly is it barfing on? and (2) WHAT I need to change to make it palatable.


Mar 26, 2005 16:58

I mean B2, and it should be able to accept Flash embed without having to switch off B2Evo validation.

I added everything you mentioned plus from your other post on this topic and Ive decided to move on :)

Mar 26, 2005 19:01

After visiting your visually appealing site, I can understand why FLASH validation in b2evo posting is such a priority.

First: Congrats on your site design. The 2-column posts are unique and imagery consistent & attractive.

I'm sorry that you're giving up on getting Flash into a post. Is it the URL issue that's causing problem, or are you having problems with the <embed> tag?

I have some experience getting tags and attributes into the _formatting.php file, but I must admit, I am stymied by this "Invalid URL" error.



Oct 06, 2005 11:10


Man I was working on this for the longest time, and like you ran into the same "Invalid URL" problem.

In any case I decided to wait till Phoenix came out as i was hopeing it would help. Needless to say I am using Dawn, and HAVE to implement the current sollution you and stk provided.

I was hopeing that after 6 months that someone might have figured this one out... ER..

Again I am no PHP guru (more flash), but do you think it is possible to mod the post page to have it disable HTML checking before it posts, then enable it after it has posted?

So by adding a "Add video check box" it loads up a alternate _formatting.php file with with the HTML checker disabled. This should work so that any time you post as long as you don't check the "add video Check box" then the HTML checker will work.

This is just a idea, and I assume would be pretty simple, but again I am no PHP pro.

Thanks for your input.. I putting the current hack into use now... :)
Steve R

Oct 06, 2005 16:42


I have been able to get our flash video HTML past both the HTML-checker and XHTML-validator. (The Invalid-URL problem has been solved and we're now validating to the XHTML 1.1 standard).

Here is a snippet of the code we're currently using, so you can see what it looks like:

<div class="Cleft Video w320"> <object type="application/x-shockwave-flash" data=""><param name="movie" value=""></param> <param name="flashvars" value="input=psu.rvml&amp;path=;buffertime=0.01"></param></object> </div>

This is for the football clip of the last Penn State game, which is a recent entry on [url=]our site[/url].

I've been stymied by the Invalid-URL error on more than one occasion and finally decided to DO something about it. One of the things I hated about the error was that it doesn't tell me WHAT is invalid (and we often have posts with more than one URL in it, so WHICH one and WHY?)

Check out this quickie hack I did to help IDENTIFY what these HTML-checker "errors" are caused from:

The hack you suggest to turn off the HTML-checker when making a post, is a good one. However, let me tell you that I have always been able to get both XHTML-valid code AND all URI schemes past the HTML-checker (eventually) ... either by modifying the _formatting.php file, or using the above hack to figure out what the problem is and "correct" or modify it.

BTW ... I'm still using Amsterdam and prolly won't xfer all my hacks over till Phoenix is out and stable.

The best I've done as far as a html-checker hack is put in some code that shows a RED message in the Back Office when my HTML-checker is turned off (cause I'd forget it and find out about it two weeks later). Not as fancy as a "turn off the html-checker when posting THIS post" button, but has worked fine for my needs.

Hope this helps.

-stk :D

Oct 06, 2005 19:12


Thanks for the update. I added that mod to check my files. Just out of curoisity, if i leave the HTML Checker ok i shouldent have any problems as long as I am the only one makeing posts correct? The comments are a seperate script correct?

I put up the video with no problems. But I did notice that you have a Flash 8 video in your site. I was having a odd problem with adding flash 8 vids ot my site. They would load up, but without the play controls. The only way I could get the play controls to show up was by using flash mx 2004 video.

Kinda of strange. I also noticed that you where using your cleft video which I am not famaliar with, but I am assuming you dident have any problems with your video creation program? I am using flash 8. Well got to head to bed and work on this tomarrow.

Thanks again for keeping the flash in B2 going.

Steve Reynolds

Oct 06, 2005 20:05


I didn't understand your first question:

f i leave the HTML Checker ok i shouldent have any problems as long as I am the only one makeing posts correct? The comments are a seperate script correct?

You don't want to leave the HTML-Checker OFF, as it also 'screens' comments made to your site. When it's OFF, then people can load all sorts of nasty JavaScript and other bad things in comments, that could potentially ruin your site/DB. (THat's why I ended up putting a REMINDER in the backoffice, because I'd turn it off and forget it was off ... NOT a good thing).

Comments are handled in the _formatting.php file too.

"Cleft" is a class name that I use to float the video either to the right side (or left side) of the page. "Video" is a class name that we use to differentiate similarly-used CSS code, so specifying Video will target only SOME of the CSS. The width class name is used (like our images) to determine the width of the DIV that we put the video into. All those just control the DIV that the video is in and has nothing to do with the FLASH vid itself.

To create our Flash videos, we normally convert movies into AVI (using [url=]VirtualDUB[/url], an openSource program). THen we use the FREE [url=]Riva FLV Encoder[/url]. Then we create a RVML (rich video markup language) file, using the $30 (USD) [url=]Riva Producer Lite[/url]program.

Never had the $$ for Macromedia Flash MX.

Anyway, one of the things I like about the Riva solution, besides the low entry price, is that it allows us to play FLV files (as opposed to SWF files). The difference? In a word - STREAMING.

The FLV will begin play BEFORE the whole thing has downloaded, whereas the SWF files have to be loaded into memory, in their entirety, before playback begins. (Unless you're paying for a streaming service, I guess).

Anyway ... The only SWF we're using are for the controls, the actual video is a FLV file (called from a RVML file).

PS - The RVML file allows other fun stuff, like image overlay, text overlay and such (which we utilize only on a limited basis).

Not that I'm a Riva representative or anything, but it's been one of the least expensive, slickest Flash solutions that I've seen, anyway.



Jan 23, 2006 16:28

cool tip on the streaming video

But what were your _formatting hacks, I've tried the ones noted in other posts and haven't been able to post the flash.

Jan 23, 2006 17:31


Contact me via our site w/your email and I can send you a copy of our _formatting.php file (that might be the quickest way for me to give you what you need, as I'm buried with work right now and don't have time to pull out the pertinent pieces and post them here).

Also, let me know which version of b2evo you're using, as it will determine which file I send.

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