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Thread last updated on Mar 02, 2005 at 17:06

1 Mar 02, 2005 17:06    

I want to globally set comments for registered members only. How can this be done for all Blogs?


4 Mar 02, 2005 18:16

Thnx a lot guys. It works perfect. Why wasnt this made standard? Or at least changeble from the admin section?

5 Mar 02, 2005 19:01

One last question. When chaning this is there another way to bypass this? I just had someone who appearently bypassed registration and still dumped a comment.

6 Mar 02, 2005 19:03

prolly the same reason lots of things arent made standard? not everyone wants the the same thing, I reckon. No app is able to accomodate every user's ideas, wants, and needs. Look where Microsoft has gotten trying to be everything to everyone.

if every thing that was requested was put into an app as a default "feature" you wouldnt be able to use it, its called bloatware, it becomes a piece of crap basically.

Ideally you have Core features, core features can be enhanced of course, via a change to the core, or a plugin (hopefully) but to simply add and add and add.. ? I cant find a single opensource application that operates that way.

Have a great "core" and everything else is enhanced or changed via the core's abiltty to be modular. phpBB uses mods/hacks, most, if not all, major blog packages have plugins, apache has mods ...

7 Mar 02, 2005 19:06

Yea I get that.

Problem remains though. I have a spammer and I changed this over an hour ago and he just keeps going. He is not registered and changes IP every time.

Did he bypass something or is there a hole?

8 Jul 23, 2005 06:51

I tried this too and it doesn't work. It still lets non registered users post comments.

9 Jul 23, 2005 23:19

I think the problem is that this setting only hides the comment form from non-registered users, but doesn't truely prevent them from commenting if they know the URL to post the form info to. Most spammers never actually visit your page or fill in a form - they just post directly to the URL that processes comments.

The best way to avoid that is to rename your "htsrv" directory, as described in this thread:

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