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1 Mar 23, 2005 15:46    

Has anyone found a way or a website that lists a way of having a button on your blog sidebar to show if I am online or not. I was thinking of maybe if I am online it would say "online" etc.

Thanks for your help, searched both this site and google. But at work so didn't search extremly hard on google.

2 Mar 26, 2005 19:54

Fortunately, you specified an AIM button.

I just recently corresponded with someone who has such a beast installed on his pages. I would venture a guess that the AIM website has a download or something similar.

I'd start there.

Here is [url=]that fellow's site who has AIM "online status"[/url]



3 Mar 27, 2005 07:24

Got it working on my site just today. (Saw it a few days ago, liked it ... much smaller footprint than the 'AIM Remote' bar I've seen before).

The super-nice thing? B) You can use your own images for "ONLINE" and "OFFLINE".

I don't have the site where I finally found the code (searched google for "ichat goim". (iChat is a MAC feature, goim is the http:// command that brings up the chat window). Have a look, or just head over to my page and view source. ;)

BTW, I see you got IE working again! What was the culprit?

4 Mar 28, 2005 16:16

Thanks scotty, the culprit for the IE bug was a mssing /div at the bottom :-)

5 Mar 28, 2005 16:25

Basically I was just wanting a button that says that I am online, not necessarily to contact me. Just one that was a certain color and said "online" instead of contact me now I am online.

Any ideas, I am sure its just some sort of ping code to check if I am online or not.

6 Mar 28, 2005 16:43

found it nevermind :-)

7 Mar 28, 2005 16:47

maybe not thought this would work, doesnt show on the page

<center><A HREF="aim:goim?screenname=itzsnider&message=Hey from>
<img border="0" align=absmiddle src=""></a></center>

8 Mar 28, 2005 17:45

The spaces in the message is throwing it for a loop.

Use "+" chars in place of spaces and it should work. :)


9 Mar 28, 2005 18:01

Like this scotty?

<center><A HREF="aim:goim?screenname=itzsnider&>
<img border="0" align=absmiddle src=""></a></center>

Cause that didn't work still not showing.

10 Mar 28, 2005 18:12

Here's what I'm using:

<a href="aim:goim?screenname=Ruleof72&message=(From+randsco)+Hello," title="AIM: [ON=Blue] [OFF=Gray] ">
<img src="" /></a> 

Check that you can get to your images, by just typing the url into the address bar of a browser.

Not sure if the message is causing the problem, but to check ... try just omitting it completely (i.e., just us href="aim:goin?screename=[name]")

It may be the ".'s" are causing the problem. I don't know.

I DO know that it took me a while to get it working. Image paths to the images, my screename actually has spaces in it, so had to figure out a way around that (just used name wihout spaces) & message doesn't like spaces either. ("+" or "&nbsp;" works OKAY.)

As with most of this stuff. Your smilage may vary.


PS ... if you hover over the AIM link in b2evo posts, you see that they're essentially using the same link.

EDIT: After a quick comparision ... I noticed that you're missing the "?" between the on_url image and off_url image. AND ... one of the things that hosed me intially, was that there was a SPACE in the code ... make certain that it's all a one-line, continuous command.

You'll get it going yet! :D

11 Mar 28, 2005 18:36

<a href="aim:goim?screenname=itzsnider&">


12 Mar 28, 2005 18:54

Thanks guys a ton it works now. Now just to get it to line up which is no biggie

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