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1 Oct 30, 2003 18:43    

It would be cool if we could implement a database-driven, ImageMagick or GD2-powered photo gallery into b2evo complete with thumbnails, CSS support and zip and/or batch file upload.


2 Jan 30, 2004 10:33

I agree but only if it's a basic one :) , b2evo is a blog software not a photo gallery software. There are great and many photo gallery for professionnal (exif info ...) or beginner with tons of features (comments, note, send to a friend ... )

3 Feb 27, 2004 06:47

A generally better file management system is coming soon (not sure if it'll make it into the next release or not), which will handle not just images better, but other files too (so I've been led to believe - I'm not writing it!)

4 Feb 28, 2004 14:38

Great! A better File Management would help.
Wish all programmers good inspiration and time for working it out....


5 Mar 12, 2004 02:46

I'm using Gallery 1.4.2 along with b2evo. I don't have them really intergrated, but I did make gallery appear the same as my default skin. I also have a random photo block on my b2evo sidebar.

It would be really neat to have a fully intergrated photo gallery, but I would much rather see other features worked on (how about rss based blogroll like the friends page on livejournal) and bugs fixed then this.

6 Mar 12, 2004 07:44

has anyone a suggestion as of what open source PHP file/image manager we could include for optimal added value?

7 Mar 12, 2004 08:15

Found some (GPL):

8 Mar 12, 2004 08:38

well it looks pretty nice but I have two concerns:
- there is no included image manipulation (thumbnails and stuff like that)
- the project seems stalled since april last year! :(

the rest is all cool... but I was really hoping to find something which would come with maintainance of it's own! :P Maintainance is a real issue. Trust me on this, I'm beggining to get some hard experience here on b2evo :P

9 Mar 12, 2004 08:50

Yeah, I got it. :) Anyway, I'll look through the possible candidates and list 'em here, so you (and others as well) could choose.

10 May 21, 2004 20:46

I've just downloaded all the suggestions and I think it would be best to create an own b2evo class and not completely integrate another script.

I'll look at it, but want also bump this topic up.. :D

12 Jun 01, 2004 17:47

btw: gallery is still alive and active, see ttp://

14 Jun 01, 2004 21:25

I'm using WSN Gallery at It's very robust with a lot of options and fully customizable. The xhtml is fully separated from the php code, meaning that it is fully templatable.

16 Jun 06, 2004 07:07

What about the Coppermine Galleries? Could you implement it into B2evo? I use it as stand alone, but the idea of a integrating my photo gallery and blog together would be fantasatic.

17 Jun 06, 2004 14:27

sth like that will be done eventually.

18 Jun 08, 2004 22:31

hahaa.. now i?m using coppermine ! Thank you Graham !

- Walter

19 Jun 09, 2004 09:44

Thanks...? I'm just using it as a kludge until b2evo's photoblogging plugin is finished. I really don't like it's templating system, or the way it uploads pictures....

20 Jun 09, 2004 12:49

:lol: but i found it better than singapore (althoug singapore has a minimalista nice layout).

we will wait until the oficial plugin to b2evo get finnished ;-)

- Walter

21 Jun 22, 2004 08:41

finally ive managed to start my blog (photoblog for now) as other stuff were taking my time away... im using b2evo of course... but would love if photoblogging features are included pretty soon!

btw, does anyone can tell me please how do i get notifications after someone comments? ive never got any notification so far and i only realised this now

ps. am still slow and working on the links page... i will be linking b2evo there of course and also in "about page"


22 Jun 22, 2004 12:51

In the admin panel.


edit your user ..

Check the field notifications..

(the 0.92 had a bug in notifications... if this is your version, please actualize..)

- Walter

23 Jun 22, 2004 17:12

Hi Walter,
I;m using 8.9... i tried to use 9 but i cant install it... gives mysql error


24 Jun 23, 2004 10:57

Maybe you should look through the forums then? If your error hasn't been seen before, I'm sure the dev team would like to hear from you, since they want to get b2evo as bug free as possible. Are you sure you tried A hell of a lot of bugs have been fixed in that version.

25 Jun 23, 2004 19:38

Hi Graham, I'm posting my reply in a new thread. Because I think this is related to photo gallery but I have different problems.


26 Jun 24, 2004 04:32

fplanque wrote:

has anyone a suggestion as of what open source PHP file/image manager we could include for optimal added value?

I have a simple PHP photobooker script I wrote at // Its fairly lightweight, configurable and does not require a database. Best of all, it builds the thumbnails on the fly so you do not waste space with them :) It automatically handles any images in a given directory so if you drop in more or delete some it just goes on working without a problem :-)

I imagine it could be implemented fairly easily into the overall product, especially if there is an improved file manager on the way.

27 Dec 19, 2004 02:33

fplanque wrote:

has anyone a suggestion as of what open source PHP file/image manager we could include for optimal added value?

Those have to be the best ... and both are so simple they must be easily includeable

I wish i new how to do this stuff

28 Dec 25, 2004 01:41

to be perfectly honest, the system doesn't need a complex fully featured photo gallery.

All it needs:

  • upload pics and specify a caption

  • unique tag given to each pic that can be inserted ANYWHERE within the site and show the pic (perhaps with 'thumbnail' and 'alignment' modifier)

  • summary page that shows all pics. (with definable pagination)

  • [/list:u] all that other crap... categories, sort by month, searching captions, etc, . . . that stuff is nice and all, but basic pic functions as i describe will take care of us with a minimum of fuss. Hey! i'm a poet and didn't realize!

29 Jan 08, 2005 15:37

Having just set up my blog with b2evolution, i found the singapore gallery a simple and effective photo gallery. I especially loved the feature of uploading a .zip file full of photos with them all automatically being added to the database.

singapore will either run from a database or a cvs file, is very easy to intergrate and is fully standards compliant - the perfect solution.

30 Jan 08, 2005 17:52

I think maybe can follow this process to design photo gallery plug-in

* no need additional table of DB

1. upload photos with zipped file
2. "unzip" tool to unzip, then post article automatical, each photo correspond to a post ID.
3. save named photos to assigned directory, use function of php to produce a thumbnail
4. write some templet function to show photos and exif tags, what the photo album is just a category of blog. The entry of photo blog show first photo of every categories.
5. design an UI that can edit category of several-posts in the same page.

b2evo designed flexible category system, I think that is an important feature different with other gallery. B)

31 Jan 12, 2005 01:07

I disagree that b2evolution doesn't need a full featured photo gallery plugin. I would like to see the photo gallery be fully integrated with users, blogs, permissions and the like. A full file/photo management system, name changes, MySQL storage or disk storage options, folders (so you could match your blogs/categories), delete, resize, etc. would be preferable to a scaled down version. The plugin should allow for simplicity or advanced use.

I think a photo gallery plugin would rock.

Thanks! :D

32 Apr 11, 2005 20:49

Don't know if this is off topic but I've been looking into a couple of image thingies. Picassa for offline catalogueing and FLICKR for online storage.

I used to used Hello Blogger Bot which works with Picassa to fire images into blogger but it just got better. And then Flickr works seamlessly with Blogger and other blog apps but not B2 Evolution. :'( and I moved from blogger to B2 evo.

However there are things you can do with images in Flickr - you can store and resize iamges there and it gives you the code to have your images show up in B2. Would be cool to have that B2 integration the way it does for blogger etc

33 Apr 20, 2005 03:27

any progress or other info on this?

it seems that the menalto gallery is the most popular request, but singapore might be lighter.

stevet... it would help if you linked to the apps you're talking about.

34 Jul 26, 2005 06:04

Hi all....

Just wanna bump this post, as well as giving my two cents about the undergoing project for the new release of b2evolution.

Before that, I'm really greatful with the simplisistic, but yet powerful Bloging software.

The only things that were lack from b2evolution is file manager (for organizing image, doc, etc... to be included in the post), WYSIWYG Editor, and Image Gallery.

If some of the features are already included, please pardon my ignorance.

But anyway, as far for file manager, I believe there is a PEAR package in the, but I'm not really sure.

For WYSIWYG, I think this one will works really2 good with b2evolution
It will be great, if the image management is being integrated with the editor, so that we can include the picture, and we can see the result in the textarea. ;)

As for Image Gallery, I don't have any recomendation right now for the core class script. But I have a request when developing this gallery section, please keep the cleaness and simple user interface of B2evolution. I believe this is one of the major advantage in using b2evolution. A simple image gallery will do just fine and it will integrated nicely with b2evolution I believe. My 2 cents, isn't it great, if every image that we use in posting a blog will be added automatically to the image gallery? I'm suggesting to use the same category as the one listed for blog post. So each post that was uploaded during posting a blog will be assigned in the same category as the post. What do you guys think?

I'm looking forward for the evolution of b2EVOLUTION ;)

Thanks for all the developer. Give me a few more weeks to get my hands dirty with b2evolution, when I get used to the core system of b2evolution, I will help as much as possible with the developemetnt of b2evolution.


36 Jul 29, 2005 20:31

gilesshaxted wrote:

fplanque wrote:

has anyone a suggestion as of what open source PHP file/image manager we could include for optimal added value?

Those have to be the best ... and both are so simple they must be easily includeable

I wish i new how to do this stuff

I tried to include this minigal, or MG2 as it is called now. I like it. The only thing is that all pictures are placed in one directory. But it works.
Have a look [url=]over here[/url].

Peter Weiland

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