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1 Jun 20, 2005 07:35    

Hi, i am planning to switch from WordPress to b2evolution. I was wondering if there were any convertors for b2 so i dont have to do it manually..?


2 Jun 20, 2005 18:36

There will be in the next version, which will be released before the summer is over.

3 Jun 20, 2005 19:08

There's a really good script for importing from Movable Type. If you can make a WP template that is formatted just like MT export files, then you can use it. I can show you an MT export file and help you make a WP template like this if you want. I haven't tried it, but [url=]this script[/url] looks like it exports WP posts into MT format. You could easily import that into b2evo.

4 Jun 21, 2005 01:08

Thanks. I used the script he recommended, since I used multiple categories on every post i have. But then b2evo would only import the first entry, and that was it. I tried all three modes aswell.

Any Suggestions?


5 Jun 21, 2005 04:11

I don't have WP, so I can't try the plugin, but does it export to MT's format? If so, can you give me the url of the file it produced? I can compare it to one of the files that worked for me and see if I can find any differences. When I made a blogger template for exporting from blogger to b2evo using the MT script, I had to really massage it to get just the right number of dashes and spaces and returns.

6 Jun 21, 2005 06:33

Heres a link to that plugins output:

I hope i can get some help with this. But yes, when i run this file through the b2evo convertor, and it only does the oldest post.

thx in advance


8 Jun 22, 2005 01:16

it shouldnt be thta hard. It is just adding an extra ----- where it isnt needed.

9 Jun 22, 2005 15:33

Hi NYbble, I am curious as to why are you moving from WordPress into B2evo... most people I know did the reverse path... what is it you don't like about WP, and what do you perceive as an advantage of B2evo?


10 Jun 22, 2005 15:40

Most people see WP as more 'advanced' (although it is much simpler), and we have a different release pattern. We make a major release every so often, with loads of new features, WP releases small updates more often. b2evo also has multiple blogs. Nuff said ;)

11 Jun 22, 2005 21:14

Graham wrote:

Most people see WP as more 'advanced' (although it is much simpler), and we have a different release pattern. We make a major release every so often, with loads of new features, WP releases small updates more often. b2evo also has multiple blogs. Nuff said ;)

Sounds reasonable when you put it that way, but b2evo has not had any "evolution" for a year or so. WP in the same period has made tremendous advances, to the point only the multiblog feature is missing, but as far as skins, plugins, member support, number of people using it, etc. has made exponential progress. Nuff said.

12 Jun 22, 2005 21:33


When the next major release comes out this summer, you'll see some instant evolution. WP seems to be a good app, but multiple blogs is a killer feature for a lot of people. Just because a lot of people use something doesn't mean it's good (cf. Internet Explorer).


13 Jun 22, 2005 21:38


I got your skin personman, I had to do a tiny fix to make it xhtml valid, it's in _linkblog.php if you want to merge it into your copy (or make sure I haven't messed up your design completely). It's on the skins site anyway.

Let the flamewar continue ;) :p

14 Jun 23, 2005 05:03

i'm swtching mainly for the multiple blogs. Thats mainly why. I still like wordpress, its a good app. But i also used to run b2evo before (it seems) wordpress was ever alive. :D . I think its cool that you guys can use wordpress themes. :D Sweet.

I'm thinking of writing a convertor on the weekend.... Anyone interested?

I am also interested in writing for b2evo... (just a thought...)

15 Jul 01, 2005 22:48

Howdy. Newbie to b2evo tho not to blogging.

I would certainly be interested. Am trying to work with the data directly, but clearly there is something I am doing wrong because the posts I copied into the posts table are not showing up in the b2evo interface at all - admin OR front page.

16 Jul 01, 2005 23:21

I think that a post will not show up unless it is assigned to a valid category, and a category will not show up unless it is assigned to a specific blog. Could that be why your posts are not showing up?

17 Jul 01, 2005 23:24

Thought maybe it had something to do with that. So, I dropped everything and started from scratch.

I just imported the categories anew without importing the posts yet... and they aren't showing up in the admin interface now. I made sure the categories are assigned to a blog, btw.

(Edit: It was an error in the data - a 0 where they should be a NULL).

18 Jul 01, 2005 23:37

Did you make sure to put an entry in the evo_postcats table for each blog / category combination? The way it appears to me (and I am not an expert), the category column in the evo_posts table only specifies which category is the primary category for the post, but for the post to actually be in a category at all, there must be an entry in evo_postcats.

Someone please correct me if I am wrong.

19 Jul 01, 2005 23:54

Nope - you aren't wrong. Thing is, with WP, the category id on the post record is 0. I deduced that to mean that WP depends solely on the post2cat table for category assignment where b2evo does not.

Still trying to work around that one.

20 Jul 02, 2005 04:00

Now, ,the link importing is giving me grief.

Question: In b2evolution, link blog entries are simply posts with categories attached to the linkblog id, correct?

(Edit: the postcats linkage needs to be made in order for the links to show up in the UI)

21 Jul 02, 2005 06:06

hmm. interesting. I never got around to writing that convertor. I am actually not using b2evolution on my personal blog, but i will be using it on an upcoming project. good luck, i can probably help you a little bit, or the nice people here could aswell


22 Jul 04, 2005 18:35

Ok - I have a semblance of a conversion script. I worked out the SQL code and than wrapped some newbie php around the statements. The script makes some assumptions:

* b2evo and WP tables exist in the same database
* Importing ALL WP posts into blog_id 2
* Importing ALL links into blog_id 4
* User has access to ftp and mysql
* User has SOME mysql experience - manipulation of categories across blogs has to be done in the backend after conversion is complete.

Interested? Save [url=]this link[/url] as wp_to_b2_convert.php, edit it to add your host, username, password and dbname and run from the server where b2evo and wp are installed.

(Edited to correct broken link)

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