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1 Aug 12, 2005 18:55    

If you haven't seen on the [url=]News page[/url] there is a new sub-page repository for Plugins and Hacks.

It's already looking good. It's great to see some of the pearls of wisdom which have been shared on the forums being saved and shared for posterity in a more easily accessible way....

2 Aug 12, 2005 20:00

Cool! I saw a reference to it on a list I got invited to join but didn't know it went live till just now. I was wondering who was deciding what to put on it and why some things were linked to the forums and others to people's web entries, and probably some other things as well.

There are some other plugin-type items that I think should be on the list, for example the "creative commons toolbar" thing, and the best known version of how to stop bloggers from editing/deleting/publishing now posts by other authors. (Sorry, but I don't have linkage to either of these handy.)

You mind a little PMing on this topic, or would you rather keep the dialog out here in public?

3 Aug 12, 2005 20:05

I'd enjoy it if discussion were out in the open since I'm not in on any secret lists. :)

Plus, that might allow people more of an opportunity to promote their own plugins/hacks, or object to theirs being used. Who knows?

4 Aug 12, 2005 21:35

EdB : the plugin subsite is run by personman..
So if you want changes to topics, pm him...

5 Aug 12, 2005 21:40

I guess I'm mostly curious how you decide what to post there. I'm sort of thinking 'stuff you see in the forums' is the answer, which would explain why older good-stuff isn't there. I could (of course) be wrong. Maybe if the old stuff was good it would continue having posts? Should I use your [url=]Submit a plugin or hack[/url] page to recommend the [url=]creative commons[/url] plugin? It's not mine - it's quality work by danielmorrison. Also, as I recall and dig up old threads how should I recommend them for inclusion on the plugins page?

Good job by the way.

6 Aug 12, 2005 21:43

Topanga wrote:

EdB : the plugin subsite is run by personman..
So if you want changes to topics, pm him...

Hi Topanga. You posted while I was typing. I'm not too concerned with changes so much as additions. Nice section - a filtering of all the noise that buries good stuff in the forums. Well done to personman, and now I'm figuring maybe I addressed my questions to the wrong person. Unless personman is Nate is dan.

Too confusing for me. I'm going to hack something instead.

7 Aug 12, 2005 21:56

Nope, I'm not personman. But I started the thread to give some props to those guys and see if some discussion could get going on how to make the plugins page really good.

Maybe we could link to some forum plugins/hacks in this thread? Or maybe personman wants us to submit the url through the form on the plugins page. Not sure....

8 Aug 12, 2005 23:57

I just found this thread. I generally head stait to the unanswered post section, so I missed it before. Thanks for the compliments. Steven and I have just been posting whatever we can think of. If you want to see something, by all means, use the submit link. You can submit things that you didn't write. Once you fill out that form it emails me with everything formatted so I can just paste it into a blog post. If you're submitting someone else's hack, then use your email address, so I know who submitted it. I'm not familiar with a lot of the older hacks and plugins, so submit them.

9 Aug 13, 2005 00:03

Just to clear up any confusion, personman = Danny Ferguson.

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