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1 Aug 25, 2005 22:30    

1. How do I add my blog to ?
2. I want the attribute target="blank" to be autometically added when i linkify some text(i.e. use the link button).How do I do it?
3. Is it possible to make an image appear side by side with text like in wordpress.
I dont want an image the the space beside it to be blank.

My blog is


2 Aug 25, 2005 22:43

Once again I'll get on my happy little soap box and ask WHY do people remove the credit link to b2evolution then ask for help in the forums b2evolution provides? You'll no doubt figure out it is linked in your linkblog and therefore 'fix' that as well eh?

Your first question should be asked of that site. Your others have been answered already. Search for them and you'll probably find them.

BTW I'm taking the link out of your first post. You don't link to b2evolution, so b2evolution doesn't link to you. That's fair I think.

3 Aug 25, 2005 22:48

8| Wow,that was a bit harsh,if you ask me.
Anyway, there is still quite a few links to b2 in my linkblog.Yes most of them would be removed later,but dont worry,there would be atleast one link to b2.
Anyway.i put my blog up today only,so i havent really touched upon too many things.
I found the answer to my second question,but couldnt find the answer for the third question.

4 Aug 25, 2005 22:55

the answer to your 3rd question is simple:

yes, of course.

image alignment is not specific to any blogging package -- its included in W3C's web standards :

Please notice the A-Z indexing on the left hand side of that page -- that covers EVERYTHING

Not to be harsh, trust me, but since your questions have been located, I am locking this thread. And for what its worth, I support edb in his quest to ONLY support blogs which provide attribution.

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