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1 Sep 08, 2005 20:10    

I've just noticed after clicking the link to b2evo from one of my own sites that it's been blacklisted in the central DB... not sure when it made it into the list but I'm 100% sure I havn't personally spammed. I've been proactive killing all the spam on my sites regularly (I have multiple blogs) so I was quite surprised to find myself on there.

Can someone let me know why I'm in the central blacklist and if/how I can get removed? The blacklisted keyword is - one of my domains.

2 Sep 08, 2005 21:51

I removed you from the central blacklist. Your url was reported by two people. Normally a keyword is not supposed to be published until there are at least 4 reports. Sorry about that. This won't remove you from local blacklists (each install has to remove banned keywords manually), but you won't get added to the blacklist on new installs.

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