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1 Sep 04, 2005 07:06    

Well, I am struggling with this error. The server roasted one day, so I reinstalled the server operating system. Mysql has been a painful reinstall.

I have finally got it back up and running, but now the original dumpfile (created via mysqldump) refuses to load into database.

I am using the following command to try to import the file.

mysql -u root -p < 08022005.sql

Here is what it is responding to me.

ERROR 1064 (00000) at line 29: You have an error in your SQL syntax. Check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near 'DEFAULT CHARSET=latin1' at line 7

I wont paste the whole log, only the relevant parts

-- MySQL dump 10.9
-- Host: localhost Database:
-- ------------------------------------------------------
-- Server version 4.1.12

/*!40101 SET NAMES utf8 */;

-- Current Database: `b2evolution`

CREATE DATABASE /*!32312 IF NOT EXISTS*/ `b2evolution` /*!40100 DEFAULT CHARACTE
R SET latin1 */;

USE `b2evolution`;

-- Table structure for table `evo_antispam`

DROP TABLE IF EXISTS `evo_antispam`;
CREATE TABLE `evo_antispam` (
`aspm_ID` bigint(11) NOT NULL auto_increment,
`aspm_string` varchar(80) NOT NULL default '',
`aspm_source` enum('local','reported','central') NOT NULL default 'reported',
PRIMARY KEY (`aspm_ID`),
UNIQUE KEY `aspm_string` (`aspm_string`)

-- Dumping data for table `evo_antispam`

/*!40000 ALTER TABLE `evo_antispam` DISABLE KEYS */;
LOCK TABLES `evo_antispam` WRITE;

I am currently running 4.1.14... I don't believe the version mismatch is causing the issue as this is still withing 4.1.x release. If I could test this, I would, but its not really an option. does anyone have any thoughts?

I am running freebsd 5.4

Anything else you need to know to help troubleshoot this issue? If I find out the answer to this, I promise to post the answer... but I really feel that I am stuck.

2 Sep 04, 2005 19:46

well, i rebuilt the server once more, using MYSQL 4.1.10 and it accepted it... crazy. Consider this case closed

3 Sep 06, 2005 01:26

Thanks for writing up the problem and solution. Locking thread since it's resolved.

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