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1 Sep 06, 2005 03:34    

I'm upgrading to the latest version of b2evo and it tells me to back-up the database file. Which file is that?

Also how to avoid delelting my old blog posts or blog configuration I have. I deleted the original link blog and then created a new one that's different.

Also do all the subfolders need to be re-uploaded as well during the install?

2 Sep 06, 2005 04:38

Your database isn't a file - it's a database. All your posts and comments and configurations (that you set in your back office) are stored in your database. The _config.php file in the conf folder tells b2evolution how to connect to your database, so that's why you need to save that file. Download it to your desktop is the easiest way. If you have a conf/hacks.php file you need to download it, as well as the 'custom' skin if you modified it.

Actually download conf/_config.php and *all* files you modified, but there's no promise modified files will work after you upgrade.

Yes - upload the entire new b2evolution including all subfolders. The bestest way to ensure you're getting the latest and greatest is to delete all the files and folders from your server AFTER downloading the stuff identified above.

You backup your database through something like phpmyadmin, which should be available through your host. My host has cpanel, which has phpmyadmin and a groovy 'backup' utility. backup lets me backup my databases, so that's how I do it.

Anyway don't delete your database - just all the files. You can unzip the latest b2evolution on your desktop, then open the new conf/_config.php and your old one. Copy the important information from your old one to the new one - 4 lines about your database, 1 for your baseurl, 1 for your email id, and one saying "config_is_done". Now upload all the files to your server space, then go to http://yourbaseurl/install and select the option for "upgrading from a previous b2evolution". That will tell it you already have a database full of posts and comments and configurations, so it will only make appropriate changes. If you tell it "new installation" it will freak out because it will try to make the tables and find out they already exist. No problem because you'll tell it you're upgrading.

After that you can upload your modified custom skin, or your own skin, and see if it is still working. I suggest renaming the new custom skin something like 'customv12' just in case your's doesn't work. Now if you had any hacks you can see about re-doing them in the new installation.

Hope it helps!

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