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1 Sep 10, 2005 16:36    

Guess what I learned yesterday. The antispam table is somehow made by a blog!!! Yup - it's a blog where every keyword is a post and every reporter either creates a new post (first report) or edits an existing one. Is that cool or what? I guess "anyone can edit everyone's posts" isn't a bug if you use it as a feature, but that's not what I wanted to write about. Yesterday I removed 426 keywords from the antispam table. TWO of the words were removed because they easily could cause accidental blacklisting of good webs, and the rest were removed because they were covered by some other keyword in the list. That's almost a 13% reduction of the list, which makes it a bit easier for real referer traffic to get in. Unfortunately there is no easy way to get the new shortened full list - until now! I thought about making a groovy file that can do this, but decided it's too smart for me. Instead I'll just give you the SQL statements to use in phpmyadmin, and hope someone else turns it into a file. You need to do two things: reset your evo_settings table antispam_last_update field, and either empty or clean out your evo_antispam table.

By the way this was based on Isaac's auto-prune hack.

Resetting the antispam_last_update field in your settings table effectively tells antispam central that you have a brand new installation, so you'll get your updates from the very beginning of time.

Reset your evo_settings table antispam_last_update field:

UPDATE `evo_settings` SET `set_value` = '2000-01-01 00:00:00' WHERE `set_name` = 'antispam_last_update'

ONE OR THE OTHER: EMPTY OR CLEAN OUT evo_antispam. Empty gets rid of everything including locally banned words, clean out only gets rid of words you got from central. I like empty, but it's up to you.

Empty your evo_antispam table:

TRUNCATE table `evo_antispam`

Clean out your evo_antispam table:

DELETE FROM `evo_antispam` WHERE `aspm_source` = 'central'

Whichever method you choose for your antispam table, you are now ready to "request abuse update from centralized blacklist". Remember that you'll have to click that link a couple of times to get the full whammy. You'll know you're done when you only get one response and it is "Not necessary! (Already handled)". Another clue is the Latest update timestamp equals the New latest update timestamp

That's it! Spammers might have gotten in while your guard was down, but no biggie. Just do the ban/report/delete thing to them. If you use my recheck hack then just recheck 'em all again.

2 Mar 14, 2008 09:07

This is way old but still very valid. Especially since we now have more "retired" keywords than active ones. So if you've faithfully updated your antispam table and have never cleaned it then over half of what you have in there isn't doing you any good any more.

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