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1 Sep 09, 2005 20:29    

Hello, I have been posting on my blog propeerly now, but my blog pages are like "page 27" and really high, when i have only kept 9 posts.

Is there anyway I can sort this to make it more clean
so page 1 is post 1, page2 is post2

etc. etc.

2 Sep 09, 2005 20:56

Yes, but you will have to manipulate your database tables to do it. Each post is numbered sequentially, and deleting posts doesn't make all the others get re-numbered. Remember all the sample posts that showed up when you did your installation? Each of those takes up a post ID, so all your stuff comes after those numbers. You would have to re-assign an ID to each post in evo_posts, then make sure you do a similar task for each post_ID in evo_categories.

3 Sep 10, 2005 04:16

thanks edb!

my cats were in evo_postcats and i also had to change evo_comments

smooth sailing now :D

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