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1 Sep 09, 2005 21:24    

I installed b2evo last night, and I can't get my php page to load up.
I am getting the following errors

Warning: main(/home/content/t/h/3/th3k01e/html/skins/_bloglist.php): failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /home/content/t/h/3/th3k01e/html/skins/basic/_bloglist.php on line 47

I linked this to the get_path function, now if i change it to the URL, the page partially loads, but then i get a similar error on the comments content ect.

I was wondering how i can change this globally, i know that the get_path function uses the $basepath, but I am not sure where the best place to make this chang would be, and which config file i need to edit. I think the best thing would to make the code dynamic so the path will be


thanks k01e

3 Sep 09, 2005 22:00

What do you have for $baseurl in conf/_config.php? No trailing slash I hope, but I'm not sure that would even be part of your issue.

BTW I got effectively nothing when I visited the URL you provided. Adding ?skin=custom got me a little bit - but not much. The errors showed up inside the post area.

Have you done any hacking to anything other than skins? If so I'd be looking at that first. Has the blog ever worked for you? If not I'd be grabbing a fresh zip and completely over-writing everything in the admin and b2evocore folders.

4 Sep 09, 2005 22:57

Thanks for the help... to answer your questions, the only thing i did was change the admin pw... other than that just trying to figure out how to fix this error. No the blog hasn't ever worked, but the admin pages do.

I guess that you are right, I probably should just delete it all and start from scratch, unless you have any other ideas... i just hope that this problem doesn't persist.

5 Sep 09, 2005 23:05

Every now and then an installation goes belly up like that. Easiest way to shotgun the problem is to wipe out and re-make the admin and b2evocore folders. Depending on your connection speed you might want to re-do ALL folders, but that's up to you. Start with a brand new downloaded zip, and delete what's on your server before uploading shiny new stuff.

Oh and make sure you have the xml-rpc patch, and also don't forget to delete your install folder.

6 Sep 09, 2005 23:08

thanks EdB!!!one1!

I'll try that after i get off of work and if i doesn't work you'll see me back here.

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