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1 Sep 11, 2005 02:22    

I run a faily large community based portal and would like all my visitors to have a blog if they desire. I would like to control the categories and be able to delete posts if necessary. From what I've seen, this program can do all of that, but I just want to make sure.

Basically, if someone visits the blog section and decides they want one as well, they choose a category to register under, and voilla, they have a blog. Beyond that, I just want to be able to police they blogs, and maybe have other dedicated bloggers assist me with this if possible.

Thanks in advance, either way if I don't use it, still looks like a great program.

2 Sep 11, 2005 02:38

b2evolution, straight out of the box, doesn't do what you want. The new user must be given permissions by the blog administrator, and depending on the permissions can then create either blogs or categories - or possibly post in existing blogs. There are a handful of hacks in the "Plugins and Hacks" forum that might help you get where you want to be, but not exactly as described.

A new release is expected "any day now...", but no promises on IT having open blog registration. Basically that is seen as a risk because you, as the blog owner, can't stop porno-pill pushing-poker sites from registering and using your space to push their junk.

Anyway if you want multi-blogger you're in the right place. The issue is you'll have to hack to make it be what you want.
EDIT: multi-blogger AND multi-blog (plus multi-lingual since I'm throwing out multis like kisses on Valentines Day).

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