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1 Sep 12, 2005 22:10    

I've searched to see if anyone has asked this but eveything I see seems to refer to single posts.

I've just switched to posts paged mode and at the end of all posts

::Next Page >>>>

is displayed -

I'd like to either change the wording on this or even better substitute a graphic link instead of the text.

What file controls this ?


2 Sep 12, 2005 22:37

I'm bummed. My "[url=]everything skin[/url]" doesn't cover this one. OTOH [url=]this link[/url] does! Changing the text is easy, using images isn't. Hit the forum search feature and use whatever you think are correct words, check the "all words" button, and put "isaac" in the author field. I recall he showed how to hack it up so that you could do images in that particular function. No promises it's findable because it may have gone byebye way back in the 'forum violation' episode, but it was a clean hack that did images in that func.

BTW the doc.b2evolution link shows changes you'll make to your function call in your skin's _main.php file. Typically it'll be like this:

function_name( 'param', 'param', 'param' )

Sometimes (and the link will sort of explain) default conditions are set by using '#' for a param you don't want to change but need in your string. They happen in order - the first you feed is the first param even if that's not what you intended.

Sorry 'bout not giving you a specfic example! Hopefully I've "taught you to fish" instead of just giving you a cheeseburger with pickles and tomatoes and a very tasty special sauce unknown outside of a small group of trusted confidantes.

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