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1 Sep 12, 2005 22:27    

This is what's showing up in my referrer on the stats page

MySQL error!

Can't open file: 'evo_hitlog.MYI'. (errno: 145)(Errno=1016)

Your query:
SELECT visitID, UNIX_TIMESTAMP(visitTime) AS visitTime, referingURL, baseDomain, hit_blog_ID, visitURL FROM evo_hitlog WHERE hit_ignore IN ('no') ORDER BY visitID DESC LIMIT 40

and when actually in the blog (

it's the same but with LIMIT 5

I've been away from my site for a lil over 2 months due to a move. Came in today to find a LOAD of these errors and trackbacks. I got rid of all the trackbacks by copy/pasting my original posts and deleting the ones with the trackbacks.

How can I get the SQL to work properly again ?

Thanks in advance

2 Sep 12, 2005 22:48

That looks like a modified guadeloupe skin. I like it - I tweaked it for one of my blogs. Have you done any hackage way back in the day BEFORE the errors started showing up? Been a long time but it'll help. Basically if it once worked and it doesn't now then *something* must have changed, so lets identify the change.

I like the house. Had one like it once. Build a walkway like your driveway too. Different house though. Man I miss owning a home :'(

Where was I? Oh yeah: first we get your error to go byebye, THEN I try to convince you to upgrade to v12 and make sure you install the latest security patch.

3 Sep 12, 2005 23:38

Well everything worked fine and dandy with no issue until all the trackback things while I was in the middle of my move. I had them from June forward. Seems like the instant I left my house in TX for this move they started happening. I can't even block them without an SQL error.

As for the whole upgrade thing, I downloaded it and would love to the only problem is I have nay a clue how to LOL. The server I use has this as one of the many choices for me. I look it over, decide if I like it, then click the install button and shazam is does the rest. Only thing I do is tell it the name of the folder where the blog will go. Sooo if you can tell me how to install without screwing up all the massive amounts of time it took my non-php butt to get this thing to look like it does and without me losin all my work then sure I'll upgrade in a heartbeat LOL.

As for the patch, installed it today :)

Again, thanks in advance :)

4 Sep 12, 2005 23:41

One of the things that might've changed (have no idea if it's related) is some idiot hacked into my guestbook (also php) so you can't see the entries anymore and the sign it isn't my sign it either.

::shrug:: maybe the same idiot played in my blog

5 Sep 13, 2005 00:04

It might be related... Your error shows what I consider a non-standard b2evolution table name. Let's talk in PM about this for a bit okay? After going over 1000 posts (for the second time) I got turned into a guru. Not bad for a no-brain hack, but I'm afraid to find out what the next fancy title will be... or when it happens ;)

In public here, since I've already incremented my post counter, do all your table names end with ".MYI"? Standard b2evolution installations are called "my_table_name" with "evo_blah-blah" for each table involved.

Let's PM a bit to fix it, if you don't mind.

6 Sep 13, 2005 14:49

Can't open file: 'evo_hitlog.MYI'. (errno: 145)(Errno=1016)

It's a mysql error, not b2evo. The solution that can solve this problem is the repair table statement. You will find it in phpmyadmin GUI.

7 Sep 13, 2005 22:19

slamp wrote:

Can't open file: 'evo_hitlog.MYI'. (errno: 145)(Errno=1016)

It's a mysql error, not b2evo. The solution that can solve this problem is the repair table statement. You will find it in phpmyadmin GUI.

Yup! No worries - it's what this forum is for: MySQL issues with your b2evo blog. BTW you were completely correct: REPAIRing the tables did the trick. Thanks much for recommending that! Also found out the hitlog table had well over 80 thousand entries, mostly spammers. We opted to EMPTY the hitlog table after getting the full and complete keyword list.

(I wonder if the huge size of the table is why it broke...?)

8 Sep 14, 2005 09:56

My hitlog is about 75000 records 12,5Mb

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