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1 Sep 12, 2005 22:46    

My stuff is hosted on a shared server and my provider has been pointing out recurring MySQL problems whereby my site has been causing problems for other users.

I want to streamline my B2 Evo installs to cut out stuff that I have no use for but which causes me problems I can do without. I'm facilitating a blog community and as such I had no problem making comments for registered users only. This has cut out a lot of comment spam but there's still stuff I could afford to lose. I'm not interested in pinging anyone, trackbacks or any kind of hit statistics. Even without this B2EVO is still a fantastic tool for what I want to do. I think it's the referer logs and such that is cluttering up the MySQL database.

How best could I eradicate these features so that they no longer impinge on MySQL. Is there anything else that could be cut out. All I want is to be able to provide a blogging tool and I prefer it to be leaner than it is a present.

3 Sep 13, 2005 15:34

a handful of searches produced my original question at the top each time. This causes me to conclude that either I am using the wrong search criteria or the most relevent posting to my question is the question itself which does not bode well for finding an answer. In my oppinion most of the postings I've seen propose ways of dealing with problems that result from some of B2 EVO's features. I want to simply eradicate some of these features.

4 Sep 13, 2005 15:55

phpBB sorts search results chronologically, with the most recent result at the top. That's why you're seeing your post first.

5 Sep 13, 2005 15:58

- Get the new "Low Calorie" antispam table:
- Stop B2Evo From Logging Hits
- Simple Cache Hack v0.3 :arrow:
- CPU Usage Reduction Hack: Auto pruning of old stats:
- [HACK] WhiteList the good guys:


lot of idea to fight about spam:

6 Sep 13, 2005 22:36

It would be nice if, in the new version, many of the core features (such as pings and hitlogging) could be migrated to plugins that could easily be disabled or removed if they are not necessary. That would make the core of b2evolution very small and light while still offering many features via optional (but perhaps included by default) plugins.

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