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1 Oct 14, 2005 01:13    

Well, here I am again...but this time around is my personal blog that is on display.

Enjoy at:

This time I made sure before posting that it doesnt have double scroll at 1024 and that it validates and that the link to b2evo is properly written :)

But I am sure lots of other mistakes can be found. I might even open up a contest for it!

Greetings and enjoy


PS: I know that Firefox users will find that the browser goes nuts when you scan over the options in the menu but I have no clue why is that. Any hint will be highly appreciated.

2 Oct 14, 2005 01:37

I like the design of it... However, there's a major screen flicker in firefox when hovering over the "post it" notes on the left side... The whole post block seems to flicker and pop up over the left side of the screen.


3 Oct 14, 2005 13:41

Yeah like I said before, I knew this happened but I have no clue why is that. Maybe is the transON and transOFF divs that make the opacity effect when you scan over and out the options but I have used them in other places too and it doesnt I am quite confused :-/

4 Oct 14, 2005 14:47

I'm not seeing anything strange in my Firefox (1.0.7). I do a mouseover on both sidebars, over the text, and randomly here and there, but nothing odd happens. I get no effect when I mouseover the left side.

Nice skin, except for how you have to use the inside scroll bar to get the window to move. Just a pet peeve of mine. Another one eh? :roll:

5 Oct 14, 2005 14:58

Nice original design.

I'm viewing in FF 1.5beta2 so it maybe a browser thing however it's a shame that the categories ( under your photo ) are just plain text against the corkboard background....

6 Oct 14, 2005 15:41

Thank you guys for all the feedback....!

Edb...good thing that you do not see anything funny happening...the flickering in Firefox is really annoying...

And John, thanks for your feedback, I think I might change the categories as have a good point!


7 Oct 14, 2005 16:11

Wait! this is gettting strange...I have Firefox 1.0.7 just as Edb and I do see the flickering...what is going on? :-/

8 Oct 15, 2005 19:54

The flicker is due to this part of your css code:

	width: 100%; 

	width: 100%; 
	filter: alpha(opacity=50); 
	-moz-opacity: 0.5; 

By simply deleting that code all the flickering disappears. You might want to try to find another way of working those links besides using opacity settings, or else search the internet for fixes. Your site really looks nice, but the flickering kills it. (I use FF 1.07, just for the record.)

9 Oct 16, 2005 21:54

Yeah I figure it was the opacity issue but I really want to keep that so I will see what I do about it.

Maybe this is off topic but Firefox 1.5 beta 2 works great -I do not see the flickering- and it works much faster.

Thanks and Greetings,

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