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1 Oct 22, 2005 03:16    

Lightality is a new Skinning System for b2evolution.

It has under development since November 2005, and i'm really proud of it.

It offers a new system for skinners to offer new features and a easier enviroment to work with, as well as more customization for the users and visitors of the site.

Lightality splits skins into two parts; Layouts and PostSkins:
A Layout is the structure of the page.
A PostSkin is the structure of the posts.
A PostSkin goes inside a Layout.
A Layout and PostSkin can also provide customizations that can be made to it. E.g. Different colouring, display, size, etc.

Lightality has built in support for Avatars, Backgrounds and Comment Restriction settings.

Another part of Lightality that seems to get the most hype are the Panels.
[ Although I am porting Panels accross into a b2evolution Plugin instead so it is not dependent of Lightality. ]
Firstly, Panels are also known as Sidebar Items.
More info on Panels later.

More info after the 22nd of June 2006. (That's when exams finish).
[ After exams i will be able to work on Lightality, and hopefully get it out the door ]

You can see the latest stable build of Lightality here;

Note: This topic was first created in November 2005.
So please read the dates of the post you are reading.

2 Oct 22, 2005 05:42

Wow, that is really neat. I'm a sucker for Ajax effects (or whatever those are done with). I'm just wondering about the performance hit a site like that might have. But it's really great to see that special effects can be applied on the skin level rather than on the core level. That's very promising for the future.

As for the design, the posts column looks nice. The right side column doesn't quite fit in yet, at least color-wise.

Thanks for your hard work. I can't wait to see more of this skin in the future.

3 Nov 17, 2005 01:25

Doesn't work in firefox:

Error: window.document.Flash0.SetVariable is not a function
Source File:
Line: 207

4 Nov 17, 2005 01:39

Here's a strange effect I'm seeing in Firefox 1.07... You have the little icons to the right of each post, containing flash animated links to comments, trackbacks, etc...

They don't automatically act as links for me... When I hover over them, the mouse remains as an arrow. If I click down on one of them, *then* the cursor becomes the link-hand and the link appears clickable...

However, if I then scroll the page downward or upward, and then hover over any of the 6 icons again, the mouse again remains an arrow until I click on one of them once, and then they all again become clickable with the link-hand...

Anyone else seeing this, or do I just seriously need to reboot my system?


5 Nov 17, 2005 10:34

Can you supply more information, like the version of firefox you were using, and did that happen every time.
I recomend that you use either IE 6.0, or Firefox 1.5 RC2, with Flash Player 8 installed.

jibberjab ->
this is now fixed, but the site has not been updated.

Firefox has some issues with setting flash variables via javascript:
Originally i had it set the variables on a onload event, but not all of the flash movies were loaded when the event fired.
Then i had it so it set the variables if they were not set via the flash file on a EnterFrame event, but then this caused javascript errors when the certain flash movies were not found because they havent loaded yet.
Then i did the mouseover event, and if they were not set then they would become set, but the effect would not take place. (this is the current one you are seeing)
Now i've made the effect work in the EnterFrame instead of the onmouseover, so it works.

The reason i havent uploaded my changes is because i'm planning to add some more features to the display style, so for example users will be able to show/hide all contents at the same time, so all contents are shown on startup etc etc.

Yer the things to come is that stuff mentioned above, and a tutetorial for first timers, and author views (when someone wants to view all posts about a author a 'post' apears with their information)

6 Feb 02, 2006 09:29

When do you think it will be out?

7 Feb 04, 2006 15:49

When its ready, keep up to date with what i post on my blog, i usually post some news each week with a screenshot.

I just got back from my 6 week holiday so i can start work on it again.

Right now im working on the PostSkins bit, and Thinking htf can i make the Avatars work.

Yer it all depends how 'full' you want it, the themes and styles bits will take a while.

And im also thinking wether or not to make a AJAX postskin, so that u dont need to reload the panels and layout each time u want to view more posts.

Yer so to answer your question i have no idea.
When i think its ready, because releasing something before its properly documented and working is the biggest pain in the arse because u then spend more time replying to questions than coding it.

10 Feb 09, 2006 02:29

You don't know the half of it until you have seen the code and file structures ;)

11 Feb 17, 2006 07:19

Lightality (v1.0.0.0 BETA Dev) is now in testing on my server.

The Backend is 'Feature-Complete', the only updates to come are;
BugFixes and Customizations to the 'Lightality (Rich)' PostSkin.

I hope you enjoy this release and can see what Lightality can bring to Blogging.

For all you Standards and Compliance People;
Lightality is Compliant with Opera 8.5, IE6, Firefox 1.5 and IE7 BETA 2.
It supports people who do not have Javascript Enabled, or the Flash Plugin.

12 Jun 14, 2006 00:30

Just a little update on the progress of Lightality.

I'm currently going through major recodes of the PostSkin, Layout and Panel Classes.

I will turn the Panels part of Lightality into a Plugin for b2evolution that is not dependent on Lightality.

I will re-write the Sidebars and Panels javascript to utilize dhtml arhcitecture instead of the basic and slow getElementByID and .innerHTML editing style.

Yeh can I please have your opinions, feature requests, comments, critism, ideas, and anything else you would like to throw at me.


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