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1 Nov 23, 2005 06:35    

Hi all,

I just installed b2evolution latest version and I want to know if this is possible with b2evolution:

1)every registered member has his or her own blog with avatar and introduction.
2)visitors can brower this blog sites either by categories or by blog owners or by date.

I feel it's hard for wordpress to do this.

can any one give me some guides, I am still trying and learning.



2 Nov 23, 2005 17:59

Hi there,

1) sure you can have all the blogs you want! I currently manage 7 blogs on the same domain name :) One of them will result as the main (the one visitors reach by typing the address like, and the rest reachable with url's like (or a link within the main blog). You have to see the thing like a multiblog platform; in your backoffice you can create as many accounts (and as many blogs) as you want, and assign to each one a level from 1 to 10 (what they can do).

2) As stated above, visitors reach main page and find a blog (the main one); if it's what they are looking for, they will read it, and browse it either by date (using a calendar on the sidebar) or by categories tree (as before, you can create as many of them as you want). If they want another blog hosted on the same domain, they will reach it by clicking on a link on the top of the main blog.
There's also another method to reach "sub-blogs", that is create a stub file (something like a static page); but I'm too lame to guide you in this. Hope someone else could help you.



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