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1 Nov 22, 2005 23:46    

Is there a way to enable or create something similar to

"Send This To A Friend" link, or "Printer Friendly" link?

I've seen lots of sites that have this functionality and I'm wondering what others are doing....

Does anybody have any recommendations?
I found this link via Google but not sure if it is trustworthy...

Thanks in advance,

2 Nov 23, 2005 05:34

esanchez ..

I have written a script (with instructions AND a spanish version, if that's your language?) that "sends this to a friend" ... either as a LINK or the blog entry as TEXT.

You can get it [url=]HERE[/url]

Regarding ... printer friendly ... because you can control how the printed page comes out using the print.css, I don't understand the point of this option. I suppose you could have a style-switcher that converts the "screen" media to be the "print" media (as I suspect many of these sites are doing) ... but really, just play with the print.css file till you're happy and that should be good enough.

I think Whoo has written some stuff about making printer-friendly pages on [url=]her site[/url] ... you might have a search there.

Hope this helps.

-stk :D

4 May 08, 2006 12:12

The thing I need is to offer print friendly pages without the header, nav, footer, etc. Using only css would still keep all this...using a print "skin" that is stripped of all the web fluff would be the best.

There used to be a thread about skin switching but it looks like it was deleted.

If anyone has figured this out please let me know.

Thanks in advance.

6 May 08, 2006 12:33

Thanks Yabba. I looked at that but couldn't get my head around it. It seemed like more of a css change rather than a skin change.

How would you recommend attacking this problem?


7 May 08, 2006 12:59

It is more of a css change but you could use a similar principal for a skin change.

1/ create a "print" skin

2/ add a "printer friendly" link to your normal skin :-
<a href="<?php echo regenerate_url( 'tempskin', 'tempskin=print'); ?>">printer friendly</a>

3/ then add this to the top of skins/<normal skin>/_main.php

param( 'tempskin', 'string' );
if( $tempskin == 'print' ){
require_once dirname(__FILE__).'/../<print skin>/_main.php';

4/ If required, add a restore skin link to your print skin
<a href="<?php echo regenerate_url( 'tempskin'); ?>">Restore skin</a>

With a tad off luck that'll work :p


8 May 08, 2006 13:16


I can't believe it works!!!

It works perfectly on 1.6 using stub files!!!

If you are ever in Sapporo, Japan, I owe you a drink.


9 May 08, 2006 13:17

lol, no problem ;)


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