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1 Dec 19, 2005 15:41    

I have been using blogger for a while now, but since i got my b2evo I am reluctant to go to my other site and spend time waiting around to keep my family blog upto date as it just takes so damn long with photos and posts even on cable!! >:(
but my site is great I'm so glad I scratched the typical website I originally had and took a chance on b2evo, there are 2,000,000 web sites that come up when you do a google search and I had no chance getting on them at all with out advertising my site, but with the regular pinging and site feeds to google and all the other bot's my site is listed for free!!! :D :lol:
and when I change categories and add new ones, too easy!!!!
loving it, every time someone visits the feed has changed and they have lot's of catching up to do!
Anyway thank's guys for a fabulous program or script or whatever you techies call it!
I'm always on the look out for new plug-ins, if you drop by and think that maybe a certain script would be great to add to my site , let me know please, I'll keep track of this post, ta.

blushbutter :

2 Dec 19, 2005 15:44

You can subscribe to a syndication feed from the [url=]plugins page[/url] if you're into it. When phoenix gets an official release I'm sure that site will be cracking with worthy plugins.

3 Dec 19, 2005 15:52

Yep I've subscribed to a plug-in group
I want a quote book or similar plugin
I do have links on my site to b2evo just in the links spot not on the footer, is that not permissable?

4 Dec 19, 2005 16:07

It's a sig file! Shows up on every post I've made until I change it. Then whatever I do in my sig will show up on every post I've made. Lots of people think I'm saying that to them but I'm not: I'm saying it to future visitors who'll probably come across something I've posted before they post. It's a pet peeve of mine okay? I'm not a developer and have no personal gain or loss from b2evolution. I'm a forum junkie is all!!! Reckon I should change my sig file again but I do like sending that message to the future...

Quite a few of us are working on groovy plugins. Can't say for sure what you're after is in the works, but b2evo post phoenix is a whole new playground for us hacky types. Gigglin' like bitches we are! I am tinkering with a handful of things just to get flexible with what I can easily do now. Others are *much* better at it than I, so I wouldn't be surprised if one day a plugin comes out that does what you're hoping for.

5 Dec 19, 2005 16:19

I don't know how you do it, looking at codes , when I was putiing all my site together the checking all the little dashes and dot's and such are all in there little proper places gave me nightmares where I'd be dreaming little dot's, :oops: arrgh!! But I got to say that what you guys can do is so great, i love it, I just wish I knew someone in my group of friends who knows this kind of stuff coz I'm the only one!
Now I know that your signature is just a deterant I'm cool with that! Great idea you should get credit for such a great thing!
I've already recommended it to my friends but they want me to set it up for them(typical)!
What's the phoenix do? exactly I was just looking at the description on the plugins page and it's not making much sence to me, sorry, I guess I could just install it and see for my self it would come with instructions I'm sure. I'm glad someone answers this forum, and keeps it current, I have punbb is phbb forum better?

Thanks :D

6 Dec 20, 2005 01:30

Gigglin' like bitches we are!



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