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1 Jan 14, 2006 16:52    

Hi there,

I've got an idea to better manage "inserting pictures" from within the file manager: now, we only have one option, that is to select the picture we want to put in the post, and then press "img" to get a div class "imageblock" that insert a picture.
Many people (ok, me, at least) would judge extremely useful to get another 2 buttons: "insert on the left" and "insert on the right" button. Since we already have "leftmargin" and "rightmargin" in rcs/img.css (that I currently manual insert, pfff), I think it would be so useful to get the image wrapped on the left or on the right by just one click. And I think it would be a joke, to write out some code to do that; at least, for you guru's.

Any volunteer wants to accomplish the task? ;)


2 Jan 14, 2006 22:20

It's already been changed a wee bit in CVS, but not to the extent that you've indicated. I'm in agreement with you on it, but won't hack anything until we get a real version to start hacking. Alpha Beta Finally seems to be the plan.

3 Jan 15, 2006 10:08

So, we'll wait for final Phoenix version and then, once arrived, start implement hacks?
Ok, I can afford that :)

Thank you, guru!


P.S.: Is there a voting page on feature requests? Many projects have it, and users could vote for the feature they think it's more useful. Many gives as much "voting power" (i.e. number of votes) as more posts user do.
I think it could be ok :)

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