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1 Jan 15, 2006 05:16    

hey there. just upgraded to the pheonix version and its well worth the effort i have to put in to recustomise all of my blog skins.

sadly i can't get the rss enclosure hack spoken of here to work:

is there anyone who's enables rss enclosures (ie - podcasting) in the pheonix version?

otherwise its a feature request.


4 Mar 22, 2006 19:44

i'm just about to drop b2evo in favour of Drupal because i need to podcast. any last ditch efforts to save me from ruination?

:) :) :) :roll:

5 Mar 22, 2006 20:19

b2evolution Phoenix is in alpha. It's not recommended for using in a production environment. That being said, check out It can take a normal feed and find normal links to mp3s within the feed and republish that feed as a podcast.

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