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IE 7 and b2evolution and kubrick2evo skin bug

Started by on Mar 09, 2006 – Contents updated: Mar 09, 2006

Mar 09, 2006 16:38    

I have the beta version of IE7, which is full of bugs as is, so I'm sure that the final release will fix the problem. The only problem I can notice is that links to my other blogs, which show up directly under the title are invisible in IE7.

Jason Palmer

Mar 09, 2006 17:45

Well, it seems it can't handle the header. If you do a refresh you will get your two blog links but no blue header at all :)

IE7 beta 2 is a dog.... the next version will fix many of these problems ( I hope )

Mar 21, 2006 16:33

The March update IE7 Beta build is huge improvement on the original.
I think you will find that your site's header and menu works fine now.

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