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1 Apr 01, 2006 06:10    


I just have several questions that I can't seem to figure out.

1.) I have two public blogs and I would like my second blog to be be viewed by going to and when someone goes to that link it takes them to my personal blog, instead of I saw the setting for Preferred access type >> Other blog through stub file (Advanced) but don't know how to create the file or what to include in it or if there is a automation I can do to just have b2e create it. I looked in the online manual and forum and just couldn't find the answer. I might of looked over it though.

2.) Id love a way to have a fast way to post blog entries without having to goto the admin menu. For example on the main page after I log right in id like to be able to press a link that would open up a small window that would allow me to write a blog entry. Almost like the comment form is when someone clicks the comment button. Is that availble/possible?

3.) There a way to have a signature for different users? So when I post I don't have to keep putting my signuture at the end, after I hit submit, it will automatically do that for me? Just a thought!

Thanks and I really enjoy your software....:-)


3 Apr 01, 2006 11:08

Nate wrote:

Here's one place to look for question #1 about stub files. It's not really clear so you may need to read the whole thread.

Wow, Thanks.....I went there and the ideas were great. I had a hard time doing the /jason and letting it just load IT wasn't keeping uptodate. But when i went to /jason.php i saw my new test blog entry.

I can live with the /jason.php thats fine...

Thanks again!

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