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1 Apr 02, 2006 02:06    

I'm new to php (defecting from server to php/mysql so pleae go easy). Installed b2 blog without any problems & tested a few posts - everything seems to work just fine. URL is:

Problem is the search feature doesn't work. I've searched the posts and can't find my issue addressed. I'm not using a stubfile if that makes any difference. In the backoffice I've set the 'preferred access type' equal to "default blog on index.php".

When I search for text that exists in my post, the page just refreshes without much else happening. Any ideas how to fix this? If it makes any difference, I'm using a slightly modified 'custom' template.

Also curious to know what it searches when it does work --- text in current post? text in all posts including archives?

Any help is much appreciated

2 Apr 02, 2006 02:49

It appears the search feature does not handle ponctuation signs. Try to search single words. It works fine, then.

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