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Disable Plugin Settings based on Another Setting...

Started by on May 22, 2006 – Contents updated: Aug 10, 2016

May 22, 2006 15:24    


For my Gallery Plugin i have;
Re-Size Style ( Type: Select ; Values: 'None', 'Area', 'Size' )
Re-Size Width ( Type: Integer )
Re-Size Height ( Type: Integer )

Now when the Re-Size Style's Value is 'None' i would like to disable the Re-Size Width and Height Settings...

But this cannot be done as the $this->Settings is not yet defined when GetDefaultSettings() is called...

Any help?

May 22, 2006 15:33

You might want to look at Plugin::PluginSettingsValidateSet() and Plugin::PluginSettingsUpdateAction().

I'll look into allowing "onclick" as a param for settings also, which would allow to handle this dynamically, too.

May 22, 2006 16:24

Ok, the real solution has been to use


function getDefaultSettings()
  $r array(
    // default settings
  if( isset($this->Settings) )
  { // Settings get queried again to get displayed in "edit settings"
    // manipulate $r, according to $this->Settings->get(...)
  return $;

May 22, 2006 16:27

Yep done via;


if( isset ( $this->Settings ) && $this->Settings->get('Resize_Style') == 'none' ) {
      $Settings['ResizeAt_Width']['disabled']  = true;
      $Settings['ResizeAt_Height']['disabled'] = true;
    return $Settings;

Although the realtime hook during runtime would be pretty sweet....

May 22, 2006 22:46

"id", "onclick" and other useful JS handlers now get passed through to the edit settings form.

See the Test plugin (just updated), where I've added an example for it.

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