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1 May 29, 2006 18:59    

I'm moving my blog from one host to another (from MySitespace to Powweb) is there anything I need to know about this. I've downloaded the MySQL database.

2 May 29, 2006 19:25

If you don't already have it you'll need a backup of all your files in addition to the database. Also before you lose access to the old host try to see what format you should download your database in. Using cpanel there are a couple of different ways to do a backup, but for my host there is only one easy way to restore a database.

Anyway once you move in to your new space (upload your files and restore your database) you shouldn't have any troubles as long as the path to your blog doesn't change. If you do change it you'll need to modify your base_url setting in conf/_config.php.

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