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1 May 29, 2006 21:57    

Okay, I'm moving my blog which is still showing here

and I've moved it here:

I've uploaded the database. Now, if you click anything, it'll show you something functioning because everything is redirecting to which is still held at the old domain. What's going on?

2 May 29, 2006 22:36

Did you do your DNS nameserver changes to point your domain to your new host? I assume the domain name is yours! What is happening as near as I can tell from reading your issue is that your base_url parameter in your conf/config.php file is still pointing to exactly where it used to point to. That's not a bad thing and shouldn't need to be changed unless you want or need to have the second version of your url.

base url points to so that's what all your pages will end up being built with. AFTER the DNS nameserver propagation happens the same sequence of letters will point to the new physical location (your new server).

If you actually want or need your url to be then you'll have to change the base_url param in conf/_config.php.

4 May 30, 2006 00:07

Did you back up your database from the old server? If not I suggest you do so immediately, as without the database all your content is lost. After getting a backup you'll need to upload it to your new host, but one step at a time eh? The first thing is to make sure you have both your files AND your database from the old host.

EDIT: isn't there a wiki manual entry about this? Someone smart should link it even if/when the problem is resolved.

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