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1 Jun 01, 2006 08:11    

i don't know if this is something i'm doing wrong or if it's something wrong with the skin, but nothing is showing up under "catagories"

Any ideas????

2 Jun 01, 2006 15:11

What version of b2evolution are you using? What skin are you using? Have you customized the skin? Please also give us a link to your site so we can take a look.

6 Jun 02, 2006 16:16

would it have anything to do with me taking the link blog out. i deleted it before i really knew what it was.

Actually i still don't know what it

7 Jun 02, 2006 16:26

If you used that link, then you have the 0.9.x version. Download it from [url=]here[/url] and you'll have the 1.6 version. Use it instead, or at lease look at the way it does categories differently and merge in the changes that you need.

You category problem is probably not related to the linkblog at all. Btw, a linkblog is just another blog that is displayed in the sidebar in a very simple form. It gives you an easy way to add links to your sidebar.

8 Jun 02, 2006 18:12

ok i replaced all the files except the css stylesheet and the images folder. now the site is telling me not to access that page directly. if i change the theme then it works fine

9 Jun 02, 2006 19:02

I don't know where I got the the idea that you were running b2evolution 1.6, but now that I look at your site again, I see that you're using So, you did have the right version of the uneven skin to begin with. You can redownload it [url=]here[/url] if you need to. Sorry about the confusion. Once that's installed we'll see if categories are displaying in the sidebar. If not I'll help you fix it.

11 Jun 02, 2006 20:21

You should at least upgrade to 0.9.2, because it does a lot better at handling spam. 1.6 is a newer version with some nice features, but it is alpha, which means it's not a final release. There may be some bugs (though I haven't heard of anything major). Either way, I'll help you get the skin working properly.

12 Jun 02, 2006 21:09

Thanks again for all ytour help. It's greatly appreciated.

13 Jun 03, 2006 17:00

I installed the new version of b2e and had to re-write the css a little but i got it all to work. thanks again for your all your help.

I think it's amazing that people are willing to still help each other

Thanks again


14 Jun 03, 2006 17:02

I'm glad to hear you have it working. I'm happy to help.


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