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1 Jun 17, 2006 16:24    

Hello all

Im a teacher, and i need to give to my students a personal blog
Well exists only 3 multiblog system, lifetype, muwordpress and b2evolution. There is a bmachine too but is very dificult to add a new blog

I need to know whem the new verion will be released, or if the new version take too long, should I instal b2evoltion 0.92?

And whit are the best for multi blog? b2 evolution? LifeType? or mu.wordpress?

I aleady test mu.word press - - and they are a page for new blog subscription, them send a e-mail to new user whit your password and blog link. there are a similar feature in b2evolution?

Thank you very much for your comments :)

2 Jun 17, 2006 17:37

To the guy who loves a tall woman,

Of course, b2evolution is best. :D

(Honestly, I don't know which is best. I do know that b2evolution has been doing multi-blog for longer than the WP mu version, so it's likely to have more features and more stability, but I don't keep up with what others are doing).

The next version release should be "any time", but who knows, as it's been "any time" since December 2005.

I would install 0.9.2 and use that (with a common skin and little customization), until the next version is released. Then upgrade.

Most of the features are there (or if not there, can be added). b2evolution is very good for that.

I don't know bmachine or LifeType at all.

Hope this helps.

3 Jun 17, 2006 18:16

Thank you stk, i install b2evolution, i went to "demo" b2evolution blog and test all features, realy is the best.

4 Jun 17, 2006 20:26

No problem. Welcome to the b2evolution community! :D

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