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1 Jun 18, 2006 18:43    

As stated in the subject, since I've installed FCKeditor (great WYSIWYG!) I need to expand the height of the "writing" box in write tab... where is the value to modify?
I use Phoenix 1.6 alpha.

Thanks in advance,


2 Jun 18, 2006 19:43

Hi Françesco (one day I'll meet you in Rome for the pint you owe me ;) )

You can either alter this line in /admin/_item.form.php

	$Form->textarea_input( 'content', $content, 16, '', array( 'cols' => 40 , 'id' => 'itemform_post_content' ) );

or add :-


to the stylesheet /rsc/css/



3 Jun 18, 2006 21:21

Hi my Savior,

of course, the solution you explained works with plain Phoenix, but if I enable FCKEditor, then the "stretch" doesn't work anymore.
I used the first method, since the second seems to make no changes.

Any hint?

P.s.: I owe you MUCH MORE than only one beer :D

4 Jun 19, 2006 10:33

Sorry Françesco, that should have read


alternatively you could find this segment of css and add the height :-

div.edit_area textarea,
textarea.bComment {
	width: 98%;
	margin: 0 auto;


5 Jun 19, 2006 16:52

Thanks for the corrections Yabba, but the problem remains. If I disable the FCKeditor, then I can see changes when I try different heights, but when FCKeditor is enabled, it doesn't move anymore.
I surfed through its [url=]forum[/url] on sourceforge, but I didn't manage to solve the problem (nor manage to register to the forum in order to ask there) :°°°
I think that editor creates an iFrame that override the original form; but I don't know how to modify its height :°

Do you know something about this program?

6 Jun 19, 2006 17:23

If you're using blueyeds plugin then it looks like you need to change this line :-

				var oFCKeditor = new FCKeditor( ) ; // b2evoCanvas gets set by b2evo


				var oFCKeditor = new FCKeditor(, "100%", "20em" ) ; // b2evoCanvas gets set by b2evo


7 Jun 19, 2006 18:00

Yes, I think you got the point: in their forum (on which I eventually manage to sign up and post my question), I found several times that "var OFCKEDITOR".
BUT: where is that line?!
And then: what you mean for "blueyeds plugin"?

P.s.: 100 beers, and counting...

9 Jun 19, 2006 19:17

Yes, you'd better save money: another problem solved by Yabba the Great :D

101, and counting...

Thank you mr. Yabba, as usual!!!


11 Jun 24, 2006 01:20

LOL ... He likes it when you call him "Sir ¥åßßå" :roll:

(Hey ¥ ... "popularity points" suck and are a disincentive for help, which basically means, YOU ROCK and there's no way I can catch up!) :lol:

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