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1 Jun 18, 2006 21:12    

Hello, even though I explicitly allow Trackbacks and Pingbacks in BackOffice to see if they are working: they don't, at least not incoming.
Is there something in 0.9.2 that needs to be done first? Like, are they disabled somewhere in some .php file for antispam reasons?

(I checked around this forum but didnt find a solution to my troubles - everybody seems to be wanting them OFF, rather; that's why I thought it might be some disabling involved)

By all I can tell, my b2evo should be accepting incoming trackbacks and pingbacks, but it doesnt. Any help much appreciated.

confused, 'lex

2 Jun 18, 2006 21:32

Check your most recent post and you'll see that your trackbacks are in fact working. You'll probably also want to delete what I trackedback eh?

3 Jun 18, 2006 21:34

can it be something with the server? We have another b2e running on a different server and it accepts trackbacks alright ...

Also of potential interest: when upgrading, I did use the "lite" upgrade package, which updated only the altered files. Could this be the trouble source?

thx, 'lex

EDIT: whoops sorry EdB just saw your post the escond I posted my reply. I'll get back to you in a minute

4 Jun 18, 2006 21:38

ah OK, for a moment you had me really confused, Ed. Sorry, you have been trackbacking to that OTHER b2e at
Try to trackback something at where I am trying to build my current incarnation. Thank you! :-)

5 Jun 18, 2006 22:45

Try that site with the 'custom' skin and see what you get. AFAIK there is no reason to believe trackbacks don't work, but the skin you've created doesn't offer a trackback URL. Also I think pingbacks are known to be hosed up.

Anyway try it with the custom skin and see if you offer single post visitors a trackback url.

6 Jun 19, 2006 00:33

Hey Ed, yes, that did it. Obviously the skin I was building on had the relevant lines

	$disp_trackbacks = 1;				// Display the trackbacks if requested
	$disp_trackback_url = 1;		// Display the trackbal URL if trackbacks requested
	$disp_pingbacks = 1;				// Display the pingbacks if requested

removed / missing. Thanks for homing me in on those :-)

best regards! 'lex

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