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1 Jul 01, 2006 01:07    

Just for info: François has created a branch in CVS for version 1.8 some weeks ago.

So, if you're using CVS and prefer to "go stable" after 1.8 gets releases, you should probably switch to that branch.

The branch is called "v-1-8" and if you're using the CVS version you should already know (or learn now), how to check this out.. ;)

2 Jul 01, 2006 02:56

Not sure wether i follow.

So now there are two seperate cvs builds? v1.8, and beyond v1.8?

Or are you just saying, v1.8 is being released soon, and the current cvs users can now use the latest stable build of v1.8, instead of a possibly unstable cvs build of b2evolution?

So we should test the latest stable v1.8 as much as possible before it gets released ;)

And once it gets released this cvs branch would disapear?

So would this cvs build be the latest build, or the latest stable build?

3 Jul 01, 2006 07:35

balupton wrote:

Not sure wether i follow.

I am completely sure I don't follow this!!! How many 1.8s are there?

Nice to know this happened a couple of weeks ago too >:(

I've no clue how to check it out by the way. It's either CVS or it's not AFAIK. Oh Well!

4 Jul 01, 2006 10:43

From what I can gather he means that a branch v-1-8 was created which contains the 1.8 code. What this means is that when 1.8 is released the only changes made to this branch will be bug fixes and the like. This becomes a 'stable' branch.

If you want to stick with unstable builds with new features and stuff that might break then you just need to keep grabbing from the CVS HEAD branch. This will keep grabbing unstable builds to test.

5 Jul 01, 2006 10:48

Yeh but it doesn't make sense making a CVS version of the stable build....
If it's stable it would be put in the official downloads section where u currently find v1.6 alpha, and the v0.x releases. Not a cvs system...

6 Jul 01, 2006 10:56

Sure it makes sense. It means if a serious flaw is found in 1.8 the code it's easily available so the bug can be fixed while not interferring with the 1.9 code.

CVS *IS* a developers tool. We just use it so we can keep up with new stuff happening :P

7 Jul 01, 2006 10:57


It's either CVS or a stable release, but apparently that's not the case. Plus it happened a few weeks ago, so anyone (like me for example) who decided to grab the CVS version AFTER b2evolution announced it was using 1.8 *possibly* got something that is nothing like what 1.8 will be like if 1.8 ever actually happens.


0.9.2 was the last version anyone should ever bother using. 1.6ALPHA is a completely dead end, and 1.8 is still only a rumor.

8 Jul 01, 2006 11:04

froop, if it's declared as stable then it there would be no serious flaws, maybe small additions every now and then, but these would not be done by using cvs, where each new release of the stable version would be another new official release....

Actually yeh, i sorta see your point, how they can keep making additions to the v1.8 branch and when theirs enough new stuff worth getting then release the 1.8 cvs as another official release.

Anyway we go back to my original questions;
Is the one in the link in my first post in this topic the 1.8 cvs or the latest cvs?
And if it's stable why hasn't it been officially released?

Yeh, keen to hear the word from blueyed's mouth on what the real deal is.

9 Jul 01, 2006 11:10

Here's my take on it.

The v-1-8 branch will become the 1.8 release. Making it into it's own branch means it can be cleaned up ready for release, but it's not ready yet.

The 1.8 HEAD branch is the continued development of the code towards what will (eventually) be the Phoenix version.


10 Jul 01, 2006 11:16

Yeh, don't really see it being called Pheonix though, as 1.6 was pheonix... And the name seems to change for each version number....

11 Jul 01, 2006 11:17

balupton wrote:

Anyway we go back to my original questions;
Is the one in the link in my first post in this topic the 1.8 cvs or the latest cvs?

That file is generated from the HEAD branch so it's going to be the latest unstable code.

I can't see there being any difference in the 1.8 branch and the head branch at the moment anyway. Until 1.8 is finalised I would assume they would be checking the code into both branches.

12 Jul 01, 2006 11:18

1.6 was the alpha release of the Phoenix version, 1.8 will be the beta release (I assume) of the Phoenix version.


13 Jul 01, 2006 11:20

Either way it's good news.

14 Jul 01, 2006 11:22

That depends if Phoenix gets released before version 99.0 ;)


15 Jul 01, 2006 11:26

If we take into account that 1.8 will be a beta release with 1.6 being the alpha does that mean that the big 2.0 will be phoenix? :P

16 Jul 01, 2006 12:06

No way, the vA.B.C
A = Major
B = Minor
C = Revision

There is no way a major change is going to happen to the evocore before a v1 release.

Like usually a major change means total or massive rewrite of the core.

So i doubt it.

And remember, if a v0.9.0 release gets a minor change, it will/should go up to v0.10.0, instead of v1.0.0.

17 Jul 01, 2006 13:34

Sorry for the confusion I've created.

François has created the branch. He will merge things into there, which will then be released to the public as "1.8".
The next release (e.g. 1.9) will probably get "pulled from HEAD" again.

HEAD is what you get when you just check something out from CVS/SVN without specifying a tag/branch.

@balupton: It makes a lot of sense to have branches. How would you ship/maintain security releases for 0.9 for example, if not with a separate branch?
In fact, a branch is a tag, but where files get changed. A tag is just a snapshot, which you always do before a release, so you can easily get the snapshot of that time.

@EdB: I wanted to inform you here about this branch, exactly because of your reaction: I know that a lot of people are using CVS HEAD and would obviously be surprised if things were a bit different when 1.8 gets released.

As said, everyone who plans to use the stable release, when it's released, should switch to the 1.8 branch by checking it out with the cvs "-r option".

Interesting reading, for those that are interested in this:

18 Jul 02, 2006 02:36


I've just updated the 1.8 branch.

This branch now *is* what version 1.8 will be when released.

I am only going to make cosmetic changes (like the release name) and critical bugs.

I am not going to correct non critical bugs.

Consider this as a code freeze.

19 Jul 02, 2006 02:40

Will it be released as the successor of the v0.9.x releases?
Or will it be another alpha/beta?

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