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1 Jul 06, 2006 21:18    

We have been using b2evolution at for a while now.

And one of our users is constantly plagued with mysterious disappearing comments. Is there some kind of MDC-bug that I'm unaware of?

I actually was a victim of this bug on his blog. I put in a comment and 20 minutes later it was missing.

Could it be a spam keyword? But that would block it immediately, right?
The comment is visible for a short time before getting booted. And the comment gets sent in an e-mail to the user.

Apart from that, there's not much strange in our install, so I can't cite obscure installation quirks that might be its cause.

Thanks for the help, I've been searching for the solution via the forums and the site for a few weeks now and nothing.


2 Jul 07, 2006 02:00

Which b2evolution version are you using?

And the only thing that is coming to my mind is the antispam blacklist being updated and then removing all the comments, but you would be notified upon update about which comments would be removed....

Wait for EdB to post something, he's the blacklist guru.

3 Jul 07, 2006 04:40

balupton wrote:

Wait for EdB to post something, he's the blacklist guru.

I am? I mean - I am!

Unless you've got a hack and another hack and a cron job in place it's not something to do with the antispam system. Basically all antispam will do is stop more spam that matches a keyword from hitting you. It won't delete hits or comments. I made a hack that does that, and Isaac made a hack that automagically does it with a cron job, so that's the only way antispam could delete comments that existed.

I seem to recall this happening to someone but I can't remember how it was resolved - if my memory of the problem is valid.

These comments show up then disappear? Meaning you've seen comments on a post that were there one day and gone the next? Can you use phpmyadmin (or similar) to look at your database and see if the comments are in the database but not showing up on the blog?

Like balupton asked: what version are you running? Your source code doesn't show it, which is kinda funny. I think it's 1.6, and if so then you might want to consider accepting it as-is for a wee bit and upgrading to the imminent 1.8 release.

4 Jul 07, 2006 05:52

Well my guess was that maybe there is more than one admin, and the comments that have disapeared contained words that were in a recent blacklist update, and were carelessly deleted... But yeh, if your the only admin of your b2evo setup then its quite wierd.

5 Jul 07, 2006 13:40

it is 1.6, and I'm anxiously awaiting 1.8, but I thought I could resolve this in the meantime.

I'll have a look in the PhpMysql for the missing comments.

Could I reload the Antispam list somehow, if that's the source of the problem?

Oh, and the other question, yes, I've personally seen a comment that I've personally written, and then a half and hour later it's gone.

We have one Admin. And we don't hand-delete comments, to my knowledge. We just watch them disappear, at least in this case.

6 Jul 07, 2006 18:12

As I said, I really doubt it's the antispam list unless you've hacked stuff. It doesn't delete things all by itself, but you can remove and rebuild it using the info in [url=]this thread[/url].

The comment you wrote that disappeared: can you find it in your database? evo_comments is where it should be. You can filter by either comment_post_ID or comment_author_ID, with the second being your user number.

7 Jul 16, 2006 14:18

Seems we had another admin who was hand-pruning comments.
Probably they were dumped that way.

I didn't know.
Sorry for sending you on a wild goose chase.

Glad 1.8 is usable now though. That makes life a little better.


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