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1 Jul 06, 2006 22:27    

Forgive me if this is an obvious answer, i'm very new to PHP and mySQL scripts, and to blogging

What i want to do is show a dynamic (updates automatically) teaser of the last post in the blog on an into page tomy website.

Any help would be appreciated

2 Jul 07, 2006 15:48

You can modify the summary.php file that comes with b2evolution and include that in your other web page. That page will have to be parsed as php even if the include is the only php in it, so you may need to change it from index.html to index.php

3 Jul 07, 2006 16:25

umm... oh. :S

4 Jul 07, 2006 18:49

Well,it took some working, but i think i got it. My biggest issue was that i was following the commands from the user guide... which are writted for 1.6, while i have 0.9.2.

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