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1 Aug 21, 2006 10:52    

One of my posts recently attracted rather a lot of comments. Some of them were very useful & informative, and some of them, to put it mildy, weren't.

I'm not partial to censorship & I've no desire to delete any comments, but I'd like to prevent the less-useful comments from drowning out the more-useful ones.

Sites such as digg and /. allow for comment moderation on a scoring system, and hide the comments that are moderated below a certain level, without deleting them so they can't be read.

Is there any way in b2 to do something similar, and make the unwanted comments default to hidden, but with an option of making them visible should a reader really want to?

Any suggestions or alternatives would be appreciated.

2 Aug 24, 2006 23:53

It's a skin feature, but yeh, when a developer needs it, they'll add it, until then, you might as well wait, or become a developer ;)

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