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1 Aug 21, 2006 15:08    

after installation I get the error: Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 6291456 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 58368 bytes) in /DISK2/WWW/ on line 86. What i done wrong?

2 Aug 21, 2006 21:23

You have to increase you memory_limit for PHP. Search the forums, it's already a FAQ.

Probably you'll have to ask your host or first try

ini_set('memory_limit', '16M');

in /conf/_basic_config.php.

3 Aug 23, 2006 14:26

Still always the same error

4 Aug 23, 2006 19:08

Then your host probably uses safe_mode and you have to ask him to bump it up.
Can you put a script online with just

<?php phpinfo(); ?>

in it and send me the link?

5 Aug 23, 2006 21:37

..from the link you've sent me:
safe_mode On

So, ask your host kindly, to increase it to 16M. It does not mean that 16M always get used, of course, but b2evo 1.8 unfortunately needs quite a few memory sometimes.

Memory management will get better with PHP 5.2 and there the default limit also gets bumped to 16M (instead of 8M).

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