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1 Sep 13, 2006 14:08    

I am creating my blog from scratch but am entering posts for dates in the past. The problem is that the Issue Date that I set in the original post DOES NOT come through when it's actually posted... instead, it puts today's date and time. In order to get the previous date that I want, I have to edit the post and change the date/time again. THEN it sticks.

For example, this morning I entered a post for 9/6/06 but when I saved it, it registered as 9/13/06. I thought it was user error, so I tried entering multiple posts over my multiple blogs, making sure I remembered to change the date on them all, but they all had the same effect--it reverted to today's date/time.

Am I doing something wrong or missing something?

2 Sep 13, 2006 17:45

You are missing the edit box.

3 Sep 13, 2006 18:01

/scratches head and wonders why I should have to check the edit box when it will let me fill in the blank with the date I want to begin with?

But so long as it works (which it did, thanks!).... YIPPEE!

/makes mental note to always hit Edit button when back-dating posts

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