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1 Sep 13, 2006 15:37    

Lo all,

This is really confusing me. Only my 'admin' user has the upload button to upload files when creating a post. I've followed the following guide

I enabled uploading, and i enabled USER uploading, not BLOG uploading.

I also went to each blog, and for each user of a blog, i ticked all the boxes for him/her (so they're full admins there) including the uploading/viewing/deleting files to make sure the permissions are right.

I also chmod -R 777 media/

And finally, i relogged in and out with many users to double check.. Still, admin is the only one that can upload. Any other user doesn't have the upload button at all, or Files menu on the top.


Edit: I'm on the latest 1.8.0 (RC-something) build.

Edit2: Although i have absoltely no idea about Levels even though i read the wiki, i have one user set as Level 5, and the other as Level 10, if that helps in anything.

2 Sep 13, 2006 16:01

AAARGH!! You devs should really simplify things here :)

Took a long time to find, but for anyone else who will get the same problem, adding to all the above, i didn't mention that you also need to edit the users ID to allow for upload too.

My users are in the 'privilaged users' section. Go to your admin, and click on Users on the top.

Look for the ID your users are in, and on the left there's a buton to edit the ID Group. In there, also enable uploading..

Good work.

3 Oct 20, 2006 05:13

I've been trying to figure that on out for quite some time. Thanks for sharing your answer it has totally help me out from my headache! :lol:

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