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1 Sep 13, 2006 20:24    

Here's the situation:

Shortly after migrating to a new server and disposing of the old one (fully wiped clean of course), my server died on me. :( I, unfortunately, did not run a MySQL backup before formatting & reinstalling.

What I have: I WAS slightly smart enough to copy the contents of my MySQL installation directory (D:\Program Files\MySQL\MySQL Server 5.0\data\ which has the b2evolution subfolder) so I have the b2Evo data files. I don't know how to get that data imported into my fresh install of b2Evo. Also, in case it matters, the old version of b2e was .9x and I've currently got the latest stable release installed. Also, I have Navicat installed for MySQL GUI administration.
Server: Windows Server 2003, IIS6, MySQL 5.0.21, Navicat 2004 (6.1.10)

My question is this: How do I recover/import that data?

Please let me know if anyone has any ideas or if more information is needed.

Thanks in advance!

2 Sep 13, 2006 21:31

The only information in the files is your database connection stuff. Oh and your media, and your skin(s) if you did any customizing work. Okay there's also hacks if you hacked, but the point is without the database you've got nothing left in terms of blog content. All your content and settings and stuff were stored in the database.

All Gone :'(

3 Sep 13, 2006 22:13

I had a friend move my entire C:\Program Files\MySQL\MySQL Server 5.0\ from my "old" server to a VM and he was able to pull the data back in and perform a dump. I was then able to import/merge that dump into the new server so that it is now up to date! Woo hoo!

BTW, I ended up removing the new version of b2evo and installing the .9x old version before that just in case.

I shall now follow normal upgrade methods to the new version.

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