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1 Sep 15, 2006 20:40    

Trying to leave a comment on any of my blogs results in this error:

Cannot post comment, please correct these errors:

* Please fill in your name.
* Please fill in your email.
* Please do not send empty comments.

(When I'm logged in as admin, I only get the "empty comments" line.)

This only started after my upgrade to 1.8. I am using a custom skin, but I can switch to basic and still receive the same errors. Has anybody seen this before?

This is happening on all of my blogs, but here's an example:

2 Sep 15, 2006 21:03

Chances are it's something in your skin's _feedback.php file. Try renaming your skin to somthing like my_custom (renaming the folder is all you need for that), then installing the 'custom' skin that comes with 1.8.1-RC and see if you have the same problem.

LOTS of stuff has changed in that particular area, so upgrading older skins is quite the task.

4 Sep 16, 2006 02:31

Thanks! I must have looked over that section when I was making the other changes. It works now.

5 Sep 16, 2006 02:36

I've just added the section a few days ago.. and it's hidden quite deep there anyway.

I'm glad it works now. Happy blogging!

6 Sep 16, 2006 17:54

I just installed 1.8.1-RC today and I'm also having this problem with the basic skin. Just so you know.

7 Sep 16, 2006 19:37

Thanks. I've fixed the basic skin already for 1.8.2.

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