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1 Dec 09, 2013 18:53    

Im still running 5.0.6 ;) I already found a lot of stuff on that topic, but I still got some questions.

I got two sites, a German ( and an English ( version. I used the script from the faq section to check/convert my database. I also set
$force_io_charset_if_accepted = 'UTF-8'; and
$db_config['connection_charset'] = 'utf8'.

Now the problem is, that on some of the English pages the right menu is mixed with German:
The blog language should be the same for all sites.

-Its quiet a nice feature that I can choose the language of a post, still, on the English site the default language is always German, most likely according to the one I chose for the interface of my account? Is there a way to change it separately?

-That said, the shown navigation depends on the chosen language of the posts and its mixed up. Is it possible to change the language for all existing posts/for all navigation links?

ps Don't blame me for the looks of that header thing.

2 Dec 10, 2013 15:52

For now I just changed the wrong menu entries manually, just some more left.

What is more interesting - when browsing files, everything got flagged as "invalid filenames" an I get an error message:
"This folder has an access path that is too long and cannot be properly handled by b2evolution. Please check and increase the «$dirpath_max_length» variable." Nope. Didn't change anything there. So - revert?

3 Dec 10, 2013 18:46

The filename of your jpeg or jpg uploaded files should not exceed 60 characters if i remember it right. Or if you created a folder name which is too long, just shorten it to a few characters to correct it.

4 Dec 10, 2013 19:15

Thank you for your help, but everything is fine with the path and the file names. To be more specific:

It concerns every file in every directory. The German version is working (uses same database), an the English site was, too. I also got a shared directory which works fine when accessed from the German site.
I did an update from 4.0.3 (sorry, forgot to mention that, wrote that in another post), but as far as I know it was working at first and the file problem occurred afterwards.

So either something went wrong when converting. Or most probably I did a mistake when changing the configuration files, language or charset.

5 Dec 10, 2013 19:22

Hello @milchknilch,

You could find the variables for filename size and file absolute path in /blogs/conf/_advanced.php. In standard releases, lines 651 ($filename_max_length) and 657 ($dirpath_max_length). Those variables have two different but related functions:

1) $filename_max_length: everytime you upload a file, the length of its name will be verified and it can not be greater than this number. Default value for this variable is 64 characters.
2) $dirpath_max_length: b2evolution will try to avoid any error with files handling by checking the size of the absolute path of the current folder. You should include in this count the whole file structure where b2evo is installed. i.e.: My working copy in installed in /home/myaccount/public_html/blogs/media/blogs/a/ = 48 characters long, when this count is greater than 148 characters (for standard instances), then you will receive that error.

You could try to increase $dirpath_max_length or leave as currently because that message is supposed to be just a warning.


6 Dec 10, 2013 20:17

I have to apologize, you were both right - I just double checked the files for typos and found out that the _advanced.php was an old version. Must have uploaded it after the conversion when I set the debug password.

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