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1 Jun 18, 2018 05:23    

I just upgraded and all went well with the update but I noticed that the PHP version installed has an error and how can I fix it.

It claims that the verion installed is 5.4x yet it is actually version 5.6.30 for the server (dedicated server) and 5.6.39 for the database server

How can I get the blog software to acknowledge that or do I need to edit the database information for the blog to make it right.

Error in Admin area

Upgraded to B2E version 6.10.1

Actual version installed:

Upgraded to B2E version 6.10.1

2 Jun 18, 2018 05:28


I too got the similar warning but the functionality was working fine.
In the cpanel I upgraded the PHP version to the latest.
Try to verify the version using info.php as detailed here:


3 Jun 18, 2018 06:18

ok, I did he verification and it also claims to be 5.4+ but as I said mysql, phpmyadmin, my market version checker and the WHM all say the version is 5.6+

I will write to host to see if there is anything they can do since it seems to not like/read the version installed.

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