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1 Nov 26, 2020 16:23    

Hi All,
I used to maintain a personal blog many years (around 2006-2010 perhps) ago using b2Evolution and ass life took new turns I stopped activily maintaining the installation. It did linger on for a few years but I didn't update the installation and suddenly my hosting company deleted the complete installation as I failed to maintain the setup (they did warn me several times)

Anyhow, as I had a substantial blog I did look into the possibility to recover some 3 years ago and I can see I still have an SQL db with the name dahlberg_bvlt1 but in principal that's it (it is still correct if I check the DB from my cpanel)

Is there any way of re-installing b2Evo and reconnecting to that old DB so I don't loose all old info or do I have to revert back to the support of the hosting company to see if I can get a backup re-installed (not sure how long they save back-ups though)

Looking forward to any ideas really


2 Nov 26, 2020 16:58

You will have to install the relative version of b2evo that relates to the database version.

  1. Make a new database, 2. install b2evo, 3. remove all content/tables from database and 4. import new database from your sql file.

then 5. you can update the b2evo version

If you don't know the relevant version of b2evo that's an issue. I think the version is in database somewhere. I will have a look and update this post.

Meanwhile you can check the database version see and then you can download an old b2evo version to check if it uses that version of database.

3 Nov 26, 2020 18:47

You should as far as I recall be be able to download the current version of b2evo, connect to your database and let it upgrade it.

You may have to manually setup _basic_config.php with your database details, as I'm not sure if the new installer will do that with an upgrade.

But if you visit the install folder once the database details have been entered and $config_is_done = 1; has been set in _basic_config.php there should (at least there used to be) an option to upgrade the database.

You will very likely need to reset any skin options etc once its up and running, but that should more or less get it operational again.

4 Mar 03, 2021 18:53

I have a similar problem. I stopped blogging in 2008 on b2evolution as when I upgraded I lost all the accents in my french blog, which discouraged me. I am trying to get back at it now and as I never changed anything since and it's still on the same server.

I read that one could upgrade the blog from any old version manually so I attempted it. I got to the point that the upgrade started but then I started to have all sorts of problems right after the beginning. Error message 1050, telling me that a table (evo_skins_skin or similar) already existed, I went to PHP my admin and nuked it. I restarted the install but then I got an error 1054. This is way out of my league. As the install is so old I can't even see it on any browser, so I can't even login in to the back end. Very depressing...spent 8 hours on this, tried all sorts of things.

6 Mar 04, 2021 19:16

I was trying to install the latest stable version, I think it was 7.2.2? I do have a backup of my old database. It's from a very old version, as I don't see the site anymore in any browser I can't login in the back end and I don't know which version it was. Is there a place where I can see that in the database. I looked quickly but didn't find anything on that.

I attempted to nuke the database and re-upload it a couple of times, to no avail.

7 Mar 05, 2021 15:38

It is not easy to update automatically from a very old version, so are you trying the auto or a manual upload of files and then an install/update database route?

You may want try v6.10.5 as it works on php 5.4 and up, you don't say what php version you have etc.

I have had troubles updating to 7.2.2, manually via ftp, so if you want v7 try 7.1.*

The database version can be found via phpMyAdmin, if you have access to that, under the table 'settings'

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